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  1. Anyone notice the shirt he has on?

    more delays . . . for disciplinary meetings and HR meetings. Nice. Anyone want to ask Mike L about this ?
  2. “Plastic” Interior

    not sure about you - but getting to any decent trail here is about a 3 hour ride. maybe 6 hours on the trail and a 3 hour ride back. That's half my time I would rather have a nicer plastic. We do not have fire trails or technical rocks that we can legally ride on a daily basis. I am buying a...
  3. “Plastic” Interior

    Yes - I did - and in fact my wfie will probably trade the Discovery for one in the future. I am not too fond of the new Defenders looks, but you are right, the interior is great and the ride is great on it. When thinking about what I wrote, I was actually comparing to the new JL's - the High...
  4. “Plastic” Interior

    ugh.... this is one of the key things that makes me second guess my decision and periodically look at the competition with much nicer finishes. We spend the majority of time inside the vehicle, so this is important and should not be dismissed as, this is an off road vehicle, expect plastic...
  5. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    Kind of like a product/manufacturer Stockholm syndrome?
  6. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    I wonder if these are some of the MIC top issues that are also causing a delay.
  7. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    Hey thanks for the pictures! Does this still fall under the preproduction excuse? spot #1 - I am hoping the poor top finish is less noticeable in real life. and spot #2 - is that water leaking in ?
  8. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I wonder how old you have to be to write a post with a poll in the title but not include the poll feature?
  9. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    So I was thinking about this topic the other day. What are the implications of removing the crash bar? How does it affect insurance? How does it affect safety? I am assuming it is legal if Ford is doing it. Would it be legal if the consumer did the same on a lower trim level? How would the...
  10. 🙌 Bronco OKTB Issued and Shipments Begin as Ford Celebrates Bronco Production at MAP!

    Thanks for all the info !! That's my baby right here - will be seeing you soon!
  11. Ordered Yesterday

    no chance, they just wanted to rub it in. :)
  12. Ordered Yesterday

    So you missed all the messages saying you needed to get your order in by the 19th (of March) ?
  13. "live stream" camera in the MAP facility?

    Have a worker just drop off a go pro in a corner somewhere.... or one of those sneaky cameras that plug into the electrical outlet.
  14. Now that customer builds are days away…

    Willing to bet they have not. The pre-production excuses were blatant BS.
  15. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    Probably not. Look I am just looking for solid information rather than having to piece together information about the Bronco. Don't try to tell me that is not true. As far as crotchety - asking for clear facts from the manufacturer is how business decisions are done. Hopefully, when Ford is...
  16. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    I am looking for more of an official channel of information, rather than videos from influencers, or from BroncoNation. Other sources have been from people measuring cargo spaces, measuring door heights. Looking at the engine saying - oh they will definitely make a cover. I would like to hear...
  17. Just me or has the Bronco hype hit a wall?

    I think another one of the big issues is that we still do not know a lot of key information. They have not released official stats on a lot of things that are basic and important. It makes no sense, how are they going to release something, and us purchase it without real information. Most of...
  18. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    The best thing about Jeep is that when they say they will do something - they do it. 392 is out. The PHEV is out and for sale already..... all these things came out within the past year - and you can buy it today. Who else can do that ? Looking at you Ford.....
  19. Jeep is responding to the Sasquatch package

    Thanks for the link to the wrangler forum - now looking at Jeep... checking dealer inventory - yup there's my model :)