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  1. 🎥 A Happy Father’s Day Video For All Bronco Dads (Tear Jerker)

    Where’s the courier? I’d like to have one 🙂
  2. 🗓 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    I’m glad I’m not smart enough to speculate... I’m fairly certain it saves me a whole lot of disappointment and anger
  3. “Your Bronco Has Been Built” Status Thread! 🤩

    Second one this morning... they’re on a roll it seems
  4. Favorite Automotive Color

    Like @Dom said above... for me, it’s all about the vehicle. Curves versus corners, large panels versus geometric ones. Overall, I like the blue colors, but oddly, I’ve never owned a blue vehicle. Now that I think about it, I’m not too big on green or red... but I’ve had 6 green and 7 red ones. 🤔
  5. Pics from Bronco Preview Event last April

    Nice... congrats
  6. 🎥 A Happy Father’s Day Video For All Bronco Dads (Tear Jerker)

    Nice video... thanks Ashley and the folks who made it. Happy Father’s Day to all.
  7. Well, I made the big change

    As far as the whole sleeping argument goes... I’m sure I can sleep in either of them. I’ve slept in a 96’ civic... seat reclined, across the front seats, back seat and in the hatch. Granted I usually sleep in the fetal position and can sleep through most anything for the 4 hours a night that I...
  8. Well, I made the big change

    Hope the strategy works out for ya.
  9. 17 combined Fuel Economy? Horsepower comes with a cost... moving a vehicle requires horsepower... just sayin
  10. What stickers are you planning on? [NO POLITICS]

    So this is a no go? Lol
  11. Bronco on 4" lift with 37s by Maxlider Brothers

    I’ve got nothing against the look... to each their own. As far as handicapping, the main reason I’d consider a larger wheel for larger tires is the ability to do larger brakes. After deciding to opt for the Sasquatch package, I’ll probably never go over the 35s... but I can see the logic of...
  12. Bronco on 4" lift with 37s by Maxlider Brothers

    I get all the stuff about sidewall... I understand airing down... I have a slight grasp of the physics of how traction works... what I don’t understand is the formula folks are using to say 20s are no good. 33”-17”=16”... 16”/2=8” of sidewall 35”-17”=18”... 18”/2=9” of sidewall 37”-20”=17”...
  13. MY22 Order Banks

    Reckon it all boils down to what you consider “late”
  14. Tesla Model S Plaid does 0-60 in 1.98 seconds

    Only thing I have against Elon... he’s never called and offered me a job at Spacex... lol
  15. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    Dude needs to calm the hell down... couldn’t get through 5 minutes of all the flailing around. Nothing against the vehicle though, looks like it could be fun.
  16. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    “Didn’t care for it all that much”... can we get the context of this... before the whole internet melts down? @Alpha1_Silverback
  17. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    To hell with that... I’m not taking any more tests.
  18. Production Date Obsession

    Can not relate at all... no build date, so nothing to check for. You’re probably right though, try to just check the email once per day... like after you get settled down for the evening. Maybe after a couple beers as @Lilj4425 suggests. Just a thought