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  1. Auto-Engine Shut Off

    With starters getting WAY more use do people carry spare starter or do they just get swapped out every few years like spark plugs?
  2. Your first 2021 Bronco mods will be?

    100W solar panel and 12 volt cooler
  3. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    So, in the owners manual it says - every 150K miles do this: I admit my vehicles are old (2002 is the newest) but all those items seem overly optimistic to me.... In any case now we know the trans is supposed to be serviced, it's just a matter of how much pain there is to get it done.
  4. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    I expect 200,000 miles or more :-) Expected service life doesn't really matter unless it's covered under warranty with no questions asked. I can say that 1,000 miles in the sand is probably the same wear and tear as 20,000 miles on the road. For a rig that does a lot of off-roading on medium...
  5. 2021 Bronco workshop manual now live

    How do you check, drain and fill the transmission fluid in the 2.7 liter? I was told you never need to check or change it by the Ford rep at a local Bronco event. I call BS on that!
  6. Would you and your family sell everything and live the Nomad life in your Bronco?

    No, but we would sell everything and live the nomad life towing the bronco behind a motorhome :-).
  7. Would you tow this boat with your Bronco?

    I would move it around my yard and **maybe** tow it 10 miles once or twice. I wouldn't regularly tow it the ten miles (each way). I'd be more inclined to buy a beater pickup to tow the boat with that.
  8. 2021 Ford Bronco Break-In Period: 1,000 Miles / 1,600 KM

    High speed is when the speedo stops showing bigger numbers :-)
  9. Let's talk coolers

    How are you guys choosing sizes. Are most of you looking for a cooler to pack for a weekend for a few people or for a day of sightseeing? I'm looking to keep a 12V cooler in the 4 door Bronco full time along with 2 bikes a probably some day hiking gear. This is to keep cold drinks, fruit etc...
  10. Spied: Bronco Warthog Hints at FORD Grille and Other New Details

    That would be AWSOME. Interesting though - no IFS: Front mounted engines only Vehicle must contain 2 seats side by side Single shock per corner Max 37” DOT non-sticky tires Only solid axles allowed (not IFS or TTB)
  11. 2023 Ranger Raptor 3.0L EB V6 Confirmed - Hello Warthog!

    I would say 20+ years for a well maintained rig!!! I have 2000 Jeep, 2002 Excursion, 2007 Odyssey, 2005 Accord. If I thought the new Bronco was going to need major surgery in 5-10 years then I'd just buy a Jeep....
  12. Diesel option

    Modern diesels with their emissions systems are not designed to be idled for long periods of time (all day) - at least as far as I can tell. If you intend to do lots of trail riding then you may find you're replacing expensive emissions systems (like DPF filter) way more often than you would...
  13. Final answer for rock crawling? 4 door!

    I would not use the original video as the only reason for a 4 door. It's true that a 4 door may get high centered more often than a 2 door - with the same lift. There will be places where the 2 door is "better" and other where the 4 door is "better". In most cases they will both perform well. I...
  14. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    Rock crawling is a motorsport just like any other (motocross, drag racing, etc.) It may or may not float your boat. You can participate at different levels with different vehicles or do it recreationally. As a driver, part of the thrill is picking good / challenging lines and making obstacles...
  15. More Trail Turn Assist in action at Super Cel East. This feature is going to get used a lot with me.

    It really depends on the brakes. If traction is super high then the rear wheel may not "lock" but it still assists the turn. If the Bronco can lock up one rear wheel with 35" tires on dry pavement, that would be pretty impressive.
  16. Haldeman Ford Route 33 stole my Bronco reservation

    Another option to consider. It seems that the dealer is shady enough that you're going end up with problems even if you still "own" the reservation. Also they must have taken a deposit from the other person, so that person will be screwed if you end up with the FE... Another option you have is...
  17. 4A front locker operation question and a serious possible warning.

    When stuff is bound up because of lockers you generally know "something's up" and know you are pushing things to one degree or another. A good rule of thumb is the more you step on the gas without actually moving the more you are pushing it and carrying spare parts and tools becomes more important.
  18. How to save a build on Ford site and then send to dealer

    I can't seem to save my build. I'd like to create a build, save it and send a copy to my dealer. Surely I'm just missing some obvious "save" button?