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    This is all I could think of when reading this lol
  2. NewBroncoOwner

    The Montana Bronco League

    Nothing for me yet @gazrb
  3. What stickers are you planning on? [NO POLITICS]

    If you know, then we can be friends. But of you supported the PRF, we need to talk offline lol
  4. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    This is why we have insurance. Drive it, get it dirty, have fun. If someone wants to steal it that bad, they will. Don't get too attached to material things or you will get yourself too paranoid just to do anything in life.
  5. Whats your lifestyle, and how do you see the Bronco fitting into it?

    Civil Engineer living in Montana with my wife of 11 years and our 5 year old daughter. Which is who picked the velocity blue color. Its a great state to have a bronco as a daily driver and fun toy for weekend shenanigans.
  6. A Toast!

  7. Recent Ford announcement

    Watch at 3:05 you can see a red Bronco cruise in the background
  8. Offered a Sponsorship

    I don't know their business model, I was just using numbers with a default cost to ratio spread for easier reading. Besides, charging a minimum of a 100% markup on raw materials and maybe 3 hours of construction labor and 30 min in a powder coat room, from a company that is looking for brand...
  9. Offered a Sponsorship

    I don't consider that being a sponsorship then. If they wanted to have a true sponsorship, then they will provide the product for influential mentions. Sounds like they are selling at a small markup (+10% over cost compared to the normal +30%) for free advertisements and future profits on their...
  10. Broncos showing up at dealers

    NKOTB has issued a statement that they are the official spokesband for the Bronco Brand. All broncos will be delivered on April 1, 1999 and have flux capacitors as a standard option. ^ this is more believable than 80% of the recent threads posted here.
  11. Dealership Hogwash

    Ask questions to force their hand to provide specific information. If they cant do it, walk into the dealership and pick your own salesperson. Find a person that is not only wanting to make the sale, but they are knowledgeable about the product as well. Be straight forward why you are requesting...
  12. 2.7L Bronco Sasquatch – Off-Roadeo Trail Footage @ Austin Texas

    My sales guy here in Montana is at the Off-Rodeo in Texas and sent me this pic of his ride for the day. They look amazing!