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  1. Favorite Automotive Color

    Toss up between Nardo Grey from Audi and Teal Metallic from the original Mustang Cobra
  2. Imperial or Metric Bolts

    Yes it’s all metric. Skid plate is held on with 15mm bolts for example.
  3. Confused - Ranger platform

    It was also making the 17-20 Continental and 13-16 Fusion. It’s not been uncommon before then but in the last decade Ford vehicles are intentionally engineered around the same underpinnings.
  4. Retrofit Wireless Cellphone Charging Pad?

    The High does not have a wireless charger, it’s exclusive to the Lux package. Also for those looking to do this, the spot where the wireless charger goes is premolded with the hole cut so on non Lux models there is just a plastic block off piece installed in place of the charging pad. At least...
  5. Confused - Ranger platform

    Maybe ;)
  6. Confused - Ranger platform

    The upcoming Ranger won’t have a 5 link. While the platforms are the same the frames have variances. As stated above they assemble the frame in sections, the center and rear sections being different in the Bronco.
  7. Confused - Ranger platform

    Been doing it fine on the Australian models. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if *cough* the MT88 goes in the next Ranger *cough*
  8. Auto-Engine Shut Off

    Your throw out bearing will love you for this. You people keep throwing high priced options to disable this when you can just unplug the sensor at the battery or if you’re really trying to keep it simple, find an undercharged battery and install it, crank the motor over a few times and then...
  9. Anyone in Michigan getting a Bronco soon?

    No delivery date yet but one of mine went into production last week. My dealers demo model is slated to arrive next month
  10. Vacuum Brake Boost vs. Electronic Brake Boost?

    The boosted portion comes from an electric actuator pushing the cylinder forward.
  11. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    Yes it was actually quite insulting after all the work accomplished. The base suspension was supposed to be so capable, not that the Hitachi shocks aren’t good it just is sad to see the downgrade and exclusion of the good stuff on one model instead of all and the ultimate system molested to work...
  12. Would you be interested if Ford offered an option to watch your Bronco be built?

    Yes for us on development it has been talked about as an option. Unsure if there will be a chance to see my specific Bronco but at least getting to see it in process would be cool. Have been told though it may be possible to take delivery there.
  13. How far behind are Ford's systems compared to the dealers?

    Fords internal system is as instant as the dealer submits a change.
  14. Vacuum Brake Boost vs. Electronic Brake Boost?

    There are 2.3 Ecoboost motors that have the EBB system as well as NA offerings like the 2021 F-150 which comes standard now with EBB which will be be the standard for the rest of the lineup moving forward. They’re capable of much more power and they illuminate any disrupts in vacuum pressure...
  15. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    It’s not about the weight of the tire but what’s holding the tire in it’s position. If anything a heavier tire will want to break off the tie rods faster. The diameter will probably help though because it’ll hit more sooner. But I’ve seen wrecked raptors in auction lots that had 37’s go every...
  16. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    I just wish they stuck with the original plan of offering only the Bilsteins. All models were going to get the badlands suspension standard and the modified system used in the Sasquatch was going to have more height and articulation ability but there were struggles to fully give more without...
  17. ICYMI: Watch the Bronco Celebration Video from Ford

    I’ve got a tentatively scheduled meeting tied to the OKTB today. It was originally planned Tuesday last week but got pushed back. Here’s hoping it goes through.
  18. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    The Bronco has a 5 link rear end
  19. Badlands w/ Mud Terrain or All Terrain 33” Tire?

    Just doubling down on this because it’s hard to keep seeing them called a mud tire. Officially the Territory series (AT, HT, and MT) are all all-terrain rated and feature an M+S symbol. The MT has intended references to Mud Terrain capability but they’re technically not a proper mud tire. Just...
  20. Switched from Hard top to Soft…told harness can be retrofitted

    Like I said it all depends how OEM feel you want. Bare minimum you tee off the front wiper line and they both run whenever you press the button. Wiper motor can be powered via a relay and 12v off the same input as the front wipers. Rear defrost can be relay powered and 12v as well, using the...