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  1. My Dealer said they're only scheduling Soft Tops this week

    I'm going with the people that say its FE this week because thats what I hope for. Talked to my dealer last week to see if they've heard anything on my Bronco and they said there hasn't been anything but reminded me that I'm at the top of the list for my dealer. THIS WILL BE MY WEEK, I KNOW IT!🤞
  2. Base SASQUATCH Badge - now Appears on Virtual Bronco in VIN Tracker and in B&P!

    Sweet! But I think I prefer this decal as a diss to all the jeeps to be left behind...
  3. Surprise text that I have a 7/2 build date.

    I hope you crave Chik-fil-a only on Sundays:rolleyes: Haha but seriously awesome and I hope I get the same good news tomorrow!
  4. EliasJr

    Central Florida Broncos

    I got a first day reservation for a FE but have yet to receive an email
  5. 2021 Ford Bronco Break-In Period: 1,000 Miles / 1,600 KM

    only 1000 miles for break-in period!!? I don't even drive far and I can cover 2000 miles easily lol
  6. Things that are overrated...

    I like having the doors off when I can because it feels like I'm riding a bigger and more comfortable side by side. I'm not too worried about the interior getting dirty without doors since it gets dirty anyway, working and living on a farm doesn't allow me the luxury of a clean truck! On the...
  7. Has anyone got their bronco yet has anyone got an email yet?

    OP probably referring to the SUPPOSED batch of emails that were supposed to send today that people here were talking about. I learned not to get my hopes up but as they say about the delays... "this too shall pass..."😕
  8. Modified 2021 Bronco build shows up at Houston Auto Show

    Seeing that AMB made me think of this...
  9. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    A second edition sound realistic but the idea of a bronco with all the options like a first edition has makes more sense. it would probably be something like the platinums or limited. The factory 37s sounds more like something the future Warthog would have. Everyone: How many models are you...
  10. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    I'll wait for other people to try them and see how they do. If they do better than stock then in time i'll think about getting myself a set but the problem would be the color combo with my rapid red😒
  11. Rear seat recline angle photos (vs unreclined)

    my friends when they ride in the back
  12. 41% in WBDO orders are not buildable. Build estimate email after May 11th ?

    My Bronco order in the hands of an incompetent sales guy.
  13. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    As someone that has watched almost every Bronc review and ride-along video out there and got to see one in person, I am beyond happy about the Bronco! At this point I don't even care too much about it not having a V8 and am perfectly happy if not happier with the ecoboost engine it has😎
  14. 3D Scans + Dimensions of 4-Door Bronco Cargo Area (and vs Outback)

    Ahh yes, this looks like plenty room to fit my subs😌
  15. Decals on the Rapid Red Bronco First Edition + 2 door Wildtrak at MAP

    Man! This is my exact build except I order navy pier interior which I do not regret after seeing the rapid red with a navy interior in person! I didn't like the decals before but now they are kinda growin on me
  16. More photos from Super Celebration East - Thursday, April 22nd

    I would definitely had driven 6+ hours from Florida just to see them in person and maybe ride them, if I would have known in time!
  17. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 3K Submissions

    I know this probably doesn't accurately represent everyone that has ordered a Bronco but I like how Rapid Red is not as popular, will make mine stand out some😁
  18. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 3K Submissions

    I like how Canada shows up more than once on the order location bar graph👌