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  1. Base SASQUATCH Badge - now Appears on Virtual Bronco in VIN Tracker and in B&P!

    Yeah, will just have to wait and see what it looks like. One of the things I loved about the base was the look of minimal badging to it. But hell, if you told me I could have my Bronco tomorrow as long as I never removed it, I would guard that thing with my life.
  2. Base SASQUATCH Badge - now Appears on Virtual Bronco in VIN Tracker and in B&P!

    Odd...went into B&P and did my exact build. In the summary pictures, the first picture does not have the badge but the other 4 do. Again, not sure if it will stay for me. As of right now, I would say I would remove it. I am just not a fan of the badges, personal taste. Obviously will see what...
  3. May 27 Email Group!

    100% agreed, folks should have their moment to shout their excitement to the world ( B6G). Without hesitation, when that email hits I am going to be happy and everyone will know it. If someone gets upset about someone else being happy about a vehicle they ordered being built, well...
  4. Are May emails still gonna be a thing?

    If there isn't, at a minimum, a communication on an update to where things stand (not necessarily a delivery target...we know those are going to be next to impossible to calculate at this point) I am really going to feel sorry for those sales guys and gals on the front lines. Decisions being...
  5. Well I did it. 99'd my 7/13 reservation

    I live in Nebraska, so I get to deal with all the fun of winter. I will be happy to take delivery in winter, fall, spring or summer. I am just ready period.
  6. First Fuel Economy Numbers Seen on Window Sticker = 16.9 MPG (converted) for Sasquatch Badlands 4-Door Bronco 2.7L

    It will vary from one location to another but just to get into Tremor, you are looking at mid $50k. No way can you get a brand new F250 Tremor for less than $50k.
  7. Flimsy doors and other observations

    Honestly, I thought the doors felt pretty well built for what they are. Was expecting light and cheap but felt stronger than I expected. I guess it all depends on where your expectations are at before seeing them in person.
  8. Visibility / rear view mirror measurements + lots of other pics/observations

    That's what I figured but didn't want to assume. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. How Standard Fenders Look Installed on a Sasquatch Bronco

    Very true, very true. I have read folks mention chipping their own paint from having deletes but wasn't sure if that was a rare thing or something to be genuinely concerned about.
  10. How Standard Fenders Look Installed on a Sasquatch Bronco

    Not sure that would be an issue for me. Seeing trucks like the one below is fairly common in Nebraska.
  11. How Standard Fenders Look Installed on a Sasquatch Bronco

    I am in either the delete or smaller fender flare camp personally. Who can tell me what the negatives are to removing the flares all together and going with deletes?
  12. B6G Giveaway: STIG PATCHES!

    Proudly displayed somehow here...
  13. Preview of "Your Bronco is Scheduled for Production" email coming April 15!

    There is just too much speculation and impacting variables that we all do not know. I might be #20 in line at my dealership with 60 allocations but what we don't know, unless we are the dealer looking directly at the numbers, is how many ahead already opted to go to MY22, how many have "deadly...
  14. So production weeks 5/31-6/30 go live week of April 19th! Some of you will get VINs

    The majority of this thread can be summed up with... Speculation noun spec·u·la·tion | \ ˌspe-kyə-ˈlā-shən\ Definition of speculation : an act or instance of speculating: such as a : assumption of unusual business risk in hopes of obtaining commensurate gain b : a transaction involving...
  15. sapper726


    I was told Baxter got 20 and I am in the first half of that 20. With a hard top and Sasquatch, we will see what happens. I should be good for this year at a minimum. Well, hopefully I will be.
  16. sapper726


    My original salesman was my cousin. Long story short, he no longer works there. Sooooo, contacted a new salesman and have been happy so far. Still haven't nailed down pricing. They are not 100% sure what deals they are going to offer. Have confirmed that at a minimum, they are NOT selling for...