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  1. Well, I made the big change

    Cheapest 4-door with a MT is 8-grand more than my build. So that's a 26% increase in price, to get the cheaper top.
  2. 🗓 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    You don't have an order for an MY22. You have an order for an MY21. Code 99 tells Ford "don't build this". As soon as the order banks for 22 open on 13 September, your dealer needs to change your 21 order to a 22. You get to keep your place in line, subject to parts availability and dealer...
  3. 🗓 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    So basically Exactly what we expected and what Ford has been saying if you read between the lines. MY22 Ranger orders open 13-Sept. We've known that for weeks. I fully expected Bronco to be the same date given it's the same factory. Ford has said for months that MY21 Bronco production would...
  4. Poll MY21 vs MY22

    I have had zero communication from Dealer or Ford. Dealer has so many orders they didn't even want to place mine, had to threaten to move it to even get it placed. Given the Webasto Disaster, I am highly likely to be bumped to MY22.
  5. Who else is waiting to see 6th gen 4Runner first?

    The only way the 4Runner is even a contender is if they put a stick shift back in it.
  6. Imperial or Metric Bolts

    My 79 Mustang was SAE, except the engine, which was Metric. My 86 F-150 was SAE. The 08 Mustang in my avatar is all metric.
  7. Favorite Automotive Color

    Whatever Gold color Ford used in 1965. Had a 65 in that color back in the 80s Ok, Internet says it was called Prairie Bronze I also love the Desert Sand you can get on some of the TRD Tacos.
  8. Imperial or Metric Bolts

    I haven't seen an SAE bolt on a Ford in decades. I'm guessing late 90s at least.
  9. “Plastic” Interior

    Every vehicle I have ever owned for 25 years: The dashboard is made of plastic. My old 69 F-250 it was made of nice quality steel. But we can't have nice things anymore, because safety or some BS.
  10. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    Mustang gets 21 in mixed driving. 30 miles to work, 30 back. 16 gallon tank. I ordered the manual in the Bronco, so I should get close to that, but I really wish the tank were larger.
  11. MY22 Order Banks

    Ranger Bank opens Mid September. Realistically, I'd expect Late September.
  12. Stumbled across this on Wrangler Forum..

    I have owned a Jeep, and quite a few Fords. Ford interiors are way better than Jeep. Ford electronics are lightyears better than Jeep. Where Ford fails on it's interiors is they don't stand up to heat. Mustangs with glued interior panels that literally peel off. Console lids that get...
  13. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    48 and a 2 Door. It's replacing my Mustang, so the lack of space will be fine. Wish they built the 2-door on the 4-door frame so I had a bit more storage, but oh well. Besides, the 4-door is almost $8k more than the 2-door if you want a Manual Transmission.
  14. Your first 2021 Bronco mods will be?

    Earlier I said tint, but realistically: We are going to have a little heart to heart talk using FORSCAN and disable a whole bunch of nanny chimes along with auto-lock and start/stop.
  15. Would any of you buy a hybrid Bronco?

    No. They will put a horrible CVT in it. I cannot stress how much I hate CVTs. Even worse than standard automatics. I wouldn't even be buying a Bronco if I couldn't order a stick shift. And nobody is going to put a manual in a hybrid.
  16. Confused - Ranger platform

    The real question is, will Ford finally decide to actually compete with the Tacoma and put the Bronco's 7MT in the Ranger? Because people drop a lot of cash on stick shift Tacos. (I'm betting that's a big fat no)
  17. Auto-Engine Shut Off

    Nope. I live in Phoenix. Wife's F-150 has it. Turned off at a light and immediately got hot because the A/C kicked out. Reach over, hit button, motor and A/C come back on. If you drive an automatic, putting it in sport mode disables it. And in heavier traffic you actually get better gas...
  18. MotorTrend talks about Bronco/Bronco Sport Naming Confusion

    I like the Bronco Sport for what it is. Honestly this should have been the newest generation Escape and ditched the new extra uglified Escape. Ford was going to cal it the Bronco Scout, which is a great name, except that Volkswagen owns the name Scout, because they own the old International...
  19. Rear Cup holders and air vents in 2022 Jeep

    Ford does the same thing with their crew cab F-150 unless you buy one with a Sport package. Took months to find an F-150 with rear air for the wife. Finally found an STX.
  20. How are you planning on protecting your bronco once you get it?

    I live in Arizona. Good odds I am carrying a .45 at any given moment. YMMV.