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  1. 🎥: 2.3L 7-Speed Badlands Bronco ripping it in Michigan!

    I was my Bronco order was ripping into my dealer !
  2. Email from Ford - How to increase chances of getting your Bronco sooner

    Things are essentially to the point where FORD should just say this. For multiple reasons all early reservations/orders won't be delivered until 2022. If you are willing to wait will will throw in a year supply of Broncos shaped air fresheners. If not will will refund any $ you have put down as...
  3. A couple Broncos @ my dealer today.

    Finally got to see the Bronco in person. They were @ local dealer just for today on showcase. After seeing tons of pics & videos. I must saythey are amazing in person !
  4. Financing interest rate ?

    Does anyone know what the intrest rate will be for financing a bronco ? After completing build & price it's getting expensive for what I want, even after trimming options. I found this for the sport but does anyone know, if it will be the same for full size bronco ? Thanks
  5. X-Plan Pricing & Usage

    So just to confirm. The dealers participating in Xplan. After I get a call later this year to come in & place official order. (Made the $100 reservation). Is that when you would use Xplan, after it's to the specs you want ?Or is it after your take actual delivery of the vehicle, once it arrives...