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  1. Good bye bronco

    Yeah, to each their own man. I'm not one for bright ass colors, but yes the name is not exactly Race Red or Cyber Orange. That being said, I did just switch from Carbonized Grey to Rapid Red on the Wildtrak, so maybe I'm turning the corner slightly on boring colors and color names.
  2. Good bye bronco

    I am going the opposite route. I currently have a Cement Grey 2017 TRD Pro and like others have said, it's a great truck, reliable as hell and I am going to make out really well on the resale once I get my VIN for my Wildtrak, but it does drive like a slug and I'm ready for some power and new...
  3. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Grille Design & Part Number Revealed (8200E)

    Yeah, I would assume that is for the Heritage Edition, so that would make perfect sense.
  4. Now that we've got VINS, what were your constraints?

    Cool, that makes me feel a tad better. When I see August builds getting VINs with "sins" it makes me question the res dates. I am an early July 14 res and #9 of an est 43 allocations at my dealer and I didn't get an email. I am just curious if some of the "VIPs" are still scheduling and that is...
  5. Now that we've got VINS, what were your constraints?

    When was your reservation date? Like another poster said, I am starting to wonder if the res date matters anymore.
  6. Badlands vs Wildtrak Bronco Comparison Video

    Almost all of know the difference between the two, but it’s always nice to see another video.
  7. Carbonized Gray Wildtrak

    Here a few more that I took from their too, plus a super clean one someone else took. Looks like you and I were there on the same day.
  8. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    I was at super celebration east on a rainy day and the MIC top almost matched the fender flares. It tends to color shift with bright sunlight as if it color matches the paint in some lighting but in a slight shift in light, it matches the flares. Kinda dig it now. Kinda beat of both worlds...
  9. 21 MPG seen on 4 Door Badlands 2.3L

    Definitely this! I noticed the same thing and I was going to comment, but then I saw yours. Non-sas and manual Badlands. I am a little surprised folks can't tell the difference between sas and non-sas at this point in the game.
  10. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Nice! Thank you! That’s what I thought. Just curious.
  11. My thoughts after my Sasquatch 2.3L ride at Bronco Super Celebration

    Questions for ya. I know you need to have a reserved spot to do the ride along, but the event is free to get in, right? Basically, I don't have to be a member of Bronco nation or sign up to get into the event. Just show up I assume?
  12. Tennessee Want to trade my Badlands for Sasquatch fender flares

    I would be down to trade as well! I live near Charlotte and I travel to the Mountains of NC/TN regularly. Btw, my parents used to live in Lenoir City too. I'm vary familiar.
  13. First Look @ Broncos of Super Celebration East on Semi getting ready to be unloaded!! Includes 2-Door!

    I thought the same thing for sec, then I remembered the FE doesn't come in Carb Grey and that is definitely is Carbonized Grey. It just has the modular steel bumper with the bull bar added. Plus if you look closely it has the Wildtrak mountain-like side graphics. I think we are going to be in...
  14. First Look @ Broncos of Super Celebration East on Semi getting ready to be unloaded!! Includes 2-Door!

    Please tell me that’s a dang Carbonized Grey Wildtrak on that damn trailer. Looks like I might get to finally see my freaking build minus the side graphics and bull bar … and in person! Now I’m freaking really excited! Not that I wasn’t before, but I have yet to see my build in photos either...
  15. Aftermarket Leather

    Nice to see others with the same train of thought. I decided to opt out of the leather option in my Wildtrak build and upgrade from high to the lux package. I plan to add all black katzkins down within the next year or so. I also hope to either be able to order the black dash and door pieces...
  16. Wildtrak Order.....Standard front bumper or Modular front bumper?!

    For sure. The odds are high. You might have to wait a little while, but definitely. You also may be able to use the fogs that come on the standard bumper, so that is a positive that I considered. Anything steel will probably be similar in price or more though. Just google some of the jeep...
  17. Wildtrak Order.....Standard front bumper or Modular front bumper?!

    I was debating the same thing, but chose to upgrade to the steel modular front bumper. I like the looks of it better (more aggressive), it's more durable and it gives me the option to add after market lights (and other accessories), which it gives me a reason to use one of the aux switches. The...
  18. Toyota brethren

    Last time I checked, we are all on the same team here joker. Team America and team Bronco. I guess some of us are just coming from different trucks and appreciate different vehicles too. People like this are a reason I don't post sh*t in forums. Maybe instead you should be happy we aren't...
  19. Toyota brethren

    We are in the same boat man. My Taco is also paid off and yes, the loan life is nauseating. But, if you were to look at it with a glass half full, that means you have a solid down payment and smaller loan. That is what I keep telling myself at least. I am hoping to add some extra $$$ to what I...