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  1. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    age 61, 4 door, hunting dogs....
  2. My Dog Needs a 2 door interior Measurement

    I have the same situation...however I've got (2) crates for my GSP's that I need to fit in the back of the 4 door. I believe if I put a storage drawer in that I can make the crates work by elevating the crates they should both fit. The crates that I'm using narrow at the base to 19" and then...
  3. Tried to bump up in line

    I spoke to Ford directly yesterday and I was told that no changes can be made and that I should have a vin soon. BD, Leather, LUX, 2.7, Tow, 33". 7/13 Res.
  4. I ordered a Jeep today..

    That's Denver these JEEP dealers are all trying to get MSRP....however if you're willing to order they'll drop 4% off the MSRP without hesitation. They're enjoying poking Ford and the the market out of the market..trying to get in the market...clueless....all the...
  5. Sacrifice made today to get my Bronco early..

    I contacted my dealer about potentially dropping the tow package….I also asked some pointed questions. He did not answer any of my questions however he gave a phone number for customer support at Ford for the Bronco. The rep at Ford indicated no changes could be made and I should get an...
  6. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    I’m day 1 reservation holder….dealer will not tell me my spot….however I’ve got priority 10 on my order form.
  7. 1st dealer invoice for manequinn “demo” 2 door Bronco shows in system

    That's Awesome News!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  8. Dealers informed that 4-Door Bronco FCTP Mannequin demo units will be Soft Top only

    Ford has to realize that they’re becoming a giant laughing stock…..via Jeep. I of course have the MIC top on my order. My reservation was placed within 6 hours still day 1 if we go by mountain time zone lol. I truly want to wait this out, my rub is I was really planning some trips this...
  9. Denver metro area roll call

    City of Denver... Badlands 2.7, LUX, Leather, Trailer Hitch and MIC Top 7/14 Reservation
  10. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    with all of these delays should FORD now be making a decision to call of Bronco's from this date forward be called a 2022?????
  11. They should offer hardtop retrofit kit (with connection / switches preinstalled)

    I would go with a soft top if Ford ran the wiring for the wiper and plumbing for windshield washer and then provided a reduced cost for the MIC top and free installation of the hardtop when available.
  12. Never got the email

    I thought I didn't receive the email either till I checked my junk email and found it. I've got a Badlands with MIC top, 2.7, Lux package and Trailer hitch who would ever thought a plastic roof and trailer hitch could cause these kind of issues. I've got access to metal fabrication shop....I...
  13. Anybody else thinking about cancelling if their build estimate is 2022?

    I currently have a 4Runner and the vehicle has been flawless. If Toyota is paying attention to the Bronco it would behove Toyota to mimic the Lux package of the Bronco and then add Lockers and Sway Bar disconnect I think they'd create all sorts of problems for the Bronco. I'm still all in on...
  14. I'm finally worthy of Bronco Offrodeo!

    i got the same email saying that I'm now verified. Based upon the original response I couldn't register till I had a vin number.... Interesting.
  15. Off-Roadeo

    I don't know if it means anything or not. I had previously filled out (4/27) the required info for Off-Roadeo and promptly received a email back saying my order could not be verified. Today (5/12) I received an email saying verification complete. I don't know if this indicates progress or...
  16. Saw Bronco in person today..Kinda disappointed

    I would recommend that you go take a look at the Toyota 4Runner 4X4. As far as space goes you'll have more room and you'll have a capable vehicle. They make nice grocery getters.
  17. Who else has America's Sports Car?

    Car show Steamboat Springs CO….
  18. Off Roadeo Registration successful for anyone yet?

    denied since they couldn't verify a It seems a bit premature to send out the email...just another tease.
  19. Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    My rig will be used for my daily driver however it will on average make (2) trips to MOAB...yes Hells Revenge and other various trails at MOAB. I will then use it on exploring old abandoned mining town in the mountain towns of Colorado. From there I will use it for bird hunting trips in...
  20. Mike E

    Colorado Bronco Club

    No word on this end reservation was within 6 hours of Ford accepting reservations. I’m told by the dealer not to expect any communications till May.