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  1. Retractable side steps announced by anyone yet?

    Definitely on the buy list as soon as they come out.
  2. 1,069 Broncos produced in May - Per May 2021 Ford Sales Report

    Context? Where'd this come from? Webasto or Ford? You can't just throw a quote up and not say where it came from. Despite what my wife thinks I'm not psychic 😉
  3. "Soft Top Cloth w/ Prep Kit" Option Spotted in Ordering System as Possible Hard Top Prewire (For Retrofit Install)

    For everyone in the log jam, I really hope that this is the hard top connections. It should have just been an option from the get go. I'd pay a reasonable amount extra for "hard top ready" package. My inner pessimist says this makes too much sense and is a pipe dream.
  4. Looking for advice on towing a Scamp 13’

    Weight Distribution Hitch
  5. Hey babe

    This thread is sticky worthy Edit: I also realized trash day for me is tomorrow.... And now not sure if I should laugh or be scared and take out the trash.
  6. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    Also probably check your DORA sheet he sent you when you converted. I'm pretty sure he was numbering sequentially. IIRC he was going First editions then everyone else. I was originally the lowest time stamp back in Fall and was order number 6 on the DORA, so there's either 5 first editions that...
  7. Carvana Questions

    I get why they're nice, I'd use it too if they offered a half way reasonable price. But they offered $500 on an $8k bluebook value. Heck I'd let it go at $5k to move it quick, but no. They could at least offered me a gift card for dinner before the @#$! Me.
  8. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    Nice! I got mine as well today. Same deal with the my ford website not updating. Only thing that works is the track your order link. Badlands, 4dr, MIC, A51, 2.3, Manual, Lux, Tow
  9. May 27 Email Group!

    Honestly just build what you want and walk away with the mentality if mine gets pulled now fantastic. If not it will eventually get built with everything I asked for and have no regrets on dropping items. I'm either #1 or 2 at my dealer with a shortly after launch timestamp and didn't even...
  10. Priority Code question

    Normally the codes do have a meaning, lower number = higher priority. However for the Bronco codes #11-19 are really irrelevant, they all just mean you want the build to go forward. Code 99 is the hold until further code, ie those holding until MY22.
  11. May 27 Email Group!

    Got mine for July 27th 4dr Badlands 2.3l 7speed with MIC, Tow, and Lux I forgot. Thanks to those that dropped the MIC and Tow to get yours faster. I got what I want 💎🙌
  12. Has BL always been 4.7 rear axle

    Yep, when the MPG numbers where released I totally forgot the manual got the 4.7 and thought why does the 2.3l get such shitty mileage compared to the 2.7l in the Badlands all things equal. Then I remembered they weren't equal and the rear end ratios are different.
  13. Has BL always been 4.7 rear axle

    With the 7 speed it is. Automatic gets 4.46 or what ever it is cause I'm to lazy to look it up.
  14. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    In the other thread, I believe someone posted they got a build date. It was a Black Diamond iirc and I don't remember any other info.
  15. Winch solutions

    1. No, front camera comes with 360 camera option which is part of the High package. 2. Wait for aftermarket bumper solution or a Ford redesign.
  16. THE my Bronco production build date has been DELAYED / MOVED BACK thread

    I would say just keep it to one thread. Whether you get moved up, back, or get a vin# we don't need every individual posting a new thread every time a change happens to their order.
  17. This is Insane!!!

    I remember when the Shelby's first came back out in 07. Everyone was hyped up. I went with my dad to spec him a new 250, he saw a GT500 on the floor with $45k ADM on a $43k MSRP. I've never seen my dad offer more than sticker for anything and he offered $120k for both the 250 and the GT500...
  18. Okay, this is something I might actually cancel over

    I can see it now... Ford sells cars for 40% off with in car advertising like Amazon does with phones. Don't want ads? Pay full price.:poop:
  19. New Wild Mustang (Bronco) Gold Coin from the US Mint.

    Depends on the price of gold. My old man used to collect those types of coins from the mint. The value from the gold weight alone increasing has made 6 or 7 times his investment back. IDK about now though with a $1k premium above gold prices.