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  1. Who else is waiting to see 6th gen 4Runner first?

    I have been eyeing the 4runner too, but like many said, I just can't convince myself to spend the money on a car that's so old in design and technology. Yes, it is true that the drivetrain has been bulletproof and that certainly contributed to the long running cycle, but I just can't get over...
  2. 🗓 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    I am not at all optimistic about that. If there is a commodity constraint that prevents a reservation from being built, and there is capacity on the assembly line, there is 0 chance Ford will idle the assembly line to wait and fill that reservation before building others(dealer stock). This may...
  3. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    I am not very keen on splicing or tapping my factory harness either. I'm sure someone will throw some instructions together eventually. I would be happy to, except my reservation is mid November, so I probably won't be getting my vehicle anytime soon. Again, Thank you for everything! Peter
  4. Tow Package arrived - contents inside

    Thank you for all the research and information you have provided!! A thought: T harness in-line, connected into the taillight harness? (leave the 12v and brake controller signal just terminated if needed) so this becomes a plug-n-play solution? Peter
  5. The Morning After: Bronco Production News Update and Notes [June 16]

    Serious question: why do you think spillover MY21 orders will have priority over MY22 orders? I am guessing by Nov 2021 or so, where Ford has scheduled all they can for MY21. All unbuilt MY21 orders (remember, MY21 was a "wishlist" item, not guaranteed by any means. Meaning everyone can choose...
  6. 🎥: Check out this landing of the RTR Bronco! 😳

    I see the smoke coming out... Front end rubbed?
  7. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Grille Design & Part Number Revealed (8200E)

    why does 8046 look different when paired with the different grilles? is it a piece that is cut to match the grille at install time?
  8. Thinking about Refinancing my House.

    I called owning at the end of last year, they were getting so much business that they had a loan minimum in the 400k range(can't remember exact amount). Also, they were not willing to do cashout loans. So make sure you confirm all the terms before making a decision. Peter
  9. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    if only the Maverick FX4 comes with the twin clutch transfer case that's on the Bronco Sport Badlands...... (TFL video says it doesn't, it comes with a single clutch transfer case, I believe that means it's very similar, if not the same, as the lower trimmed Bronco Sport)
  10. I got my Bronco today

    apparently with the camera blocking winch too!! nice attention to detail!
  11. Recommended Oils, Fluids, Coolants, Filters, Components for 2021 Ford Bronco

    What about the coolant capacity difference on a 2.3, between 7mt and 10at? does that mean coolant flows through the 10at for cooling? I can't imagine that's a packaging difference .. Peter
  12. Velocity Blue 4-Door Fastback at MAP Showing First Window Sticker Without "Not For Sale" Label

    Price seems consistent with b&p. Did you forget to change it from lease to purchase? Lease pricing have an acquisition fee tacked on. Peter
  13. Invoice Pricing?

    nadaguides has the invoice pricing, based on equipment you select. It is accurate as far as I can tell. Peter
  14. Will doors / roof panels fit in cargo if Cargo Area Security Drawer is installed?

    Yah, getting a load floor that is even with the seat back when seats are down would be sooo nice. I wonder if it's possible to remove the existing false floor, add some support around the sides and middle, to increase the storage underneath, and bring the floor up to seat back (when folded)...
  15. Will doors / roof panels fit in cargo if Cargo Area Security Drawer is installed?

    when raised up by the security drawer, it looks like the top edge of the doors (when stored in the back), would be above the rollbar and in the wind. The door bag and strap material may not be strong enough for that. It may PHYSICALLY fit when parked, but if Ford tells you that you can, and...
  16. Explanation Help Sport vs Real

    extremely capable soft-roader vs real offroader
  17. Thinking about buying a Bronco Sport....

    I think Hawaii have a special climate right now. The tourists are flooding the islands, and there are not enough cars to rent. Tourists are renting U-Hauls because they couldn't get a regular rental. If this works out for the OP, more power to you...
  18. First Fuel Economy Numbers Seen on Window Sticker = 16.9 MPG (converted) for Sasquatch Badlands 4-Door Bronco 2.7L

    Here's the numbers from a Canada spec f-150 XL 4x2 with the 2.7 12L/100km City (19.6 US MPG) 9.3L/100km Hwy (25.3 US MPG) 10.8L/100km Combined (21.8 US MPG) The US numbers are 20 MPG City 26 MPG Hwy 22 MPG Combined The US number is ever so slightly higher than the Canada number converted (To...
  19. First Fuel Economy Numbers Seen on Window Sticker = 16.9 MPG (converted) for Sasquatch Badlands 4-Door Bronco 2.7L

    none of those numbers are mpg.... The unit is "l(iter)/100km". As in it takes 13.9 liters of fuel for that vehicle to travel 100 km. The OP did the calculation for us, 13.9l/100km is 16.9mpg (US Gallon). The 20 MPG number listed on the sticker is misleading, because that's in Imperial gallon...
  20. House with 50 car-underground garage!

    and a stainless steel kick plate next to the toilet?? i am afraid to ask what goes on in that bathroom.....