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    First Edition Bronco Thread

    They know how bad the navy pier interior goes with the available exterior colors. :)
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    Premium fuel!

    The newer Fords can both remove (in case of knock detected) and INCREASE timing if no knock is detected. Better fuel can increase timing, which will improve performance and fuel economy. Comes down to how much right foot you like to use. Like above, use quality fuel. The PCM will learn and...
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    Airing up (after airing down for camping and offroading)?

    I run the Vair 450P. Since I have 2 rigs I wheel with, it makes more sense to have a portable unit, plus I take it in the motorhome or on road trips in the daily driver. Takes just a few minutes to fill my 33s from 8 to 28psi... I also wonder why the 60psi tire pressure. Even on my diesel...
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    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    I will just keep what I have - 67 Bronco on 35s, EFI and Auto, and a Suzuki Samurai on 33s. They will do just fine!
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    So who’s doing Rock Lights?

    Installing a set of 8 on my 67 as we speak. The FE will get them ASAP. I use them often to chain up in the mountains, inspect before, during and after trips, and I like it when the auto start turns theM on as entry lights. On my Samurai:
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    Sasquatch 2-Door and 4-Door sighted in Michigan

    I wish my SHO had been a straight black. I am not a metallic fan, especially on a trail rig that may need paint repairs.
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    Colorado Bronco Club

    Heading out on Tuesday if my 67 if finished (exhaust being installed Tuesday, then tuning the efi and the transmission). More likely Wednesday morning. I will be staying at Chalk Creek Campground and will be hanging out at the mechanical tent in the AM, and on the trails as trail lead or tail...
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    Anyone have experience with Pedal Commander / throttle controllers?

    I posted a couple of pics non the tuning forum showing the different throttle tables
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    Anyone have experience with Pedal Commander / throttle controllers?

    They do just ramp the voltage up faster to open the throttle quicker. Just a crutch, since it does little else. You can just switch modes such as sport, sand or such to use one of those more aggressive tables. I usually keep the stock throttle table and tune the others to my liking. Some are...
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    That is my favorite radio. The APRS features are the best part of it. I don't use Fusion either, I use my Anytone for DMR (digital) comms.
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    Vehicle Communications (CB?)

    I run two ham radios in my rigs (samurai and early bronco). I will be adding at least one to the Bronco as well. Much longer range, ability to use repeaters to carry your message much further, I can text or email through one of my radios and they also can beacon your location, direction, speed...
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    Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    I was always going in and reinforcing the clutch pedal pivot that would bend due to my aftermarket clutches on my DSMs. I am no longer interested in the left leg press routine!
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    Why go for the mid package?

    All these safety features I want everyone else to have. Most people spend way too much time on the looking at their screens while driving. Or they just drive like crap.... Let them pay for technology that helps protect ME.
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    Who’s going 37s...or even bigger?

    I run these on a lightweight samurai and they do simply okay. Great traction, quiet tire, but put them on something heavier like a Jeep (or Bronco) and they start wearing quickly, no matter the care, alignment or pressure. I will buy a bigger set for the Samurai soon, but wouldn’t dream of...
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    Tuning the 2.7L Bronco engine

    New Bronco ECU may limit access I am a tuner, and am waiting to see if this OTA ecu makes it hard for the aftermarket to hack. Sounds like Ford won't leave us hanging though, with some aftermarket tunes becoming available. But once the ECU has been hacked, I am looking forward to doing my own...
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    Colorado Bronco Club

    Currently in Castle Pine. I moved here a couple years ago from Alaska. I have a 67 Bronco that’s about to be finished up and have a heavily modded Samurai on 33s. Been wheeling a bunch around here and do recoveries with CO 4x4 Rescue and Recovery. I have a FE reserved and will be switching my...
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    Bronco6g Build & Price Planner Spreadsheet

    FE the only trim that doesn't get towing capability? It' s listed as an option everywhere else.
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    Colorado Springs

    I will go there and pick it up. Maybe drive it back, maybe trailer it back. Maybe fly over and then go on a vacation with it, although this will hit Moab within 2 weeks of owning it.
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    AUX Switch Labels?

    Typically turn on rear facing spot/flood lights. Good for people who don't know how to dim their lights or have LEDs in their factory housings....
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    Colorado Springs

    I have my reservation in Denver with Phil Long, but will be moving it to Granger soon.