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  1. Sammy7

    If you could delete one trim?

    For the life of me, I can’t see any reason the Wildtrak is necessary. Ford claims it’s for high-speed off-reading, but there isn’t enough to differentiate it from any other model with Sasquatch. It’s like the higher-ups at Ford dictated there will be seven models and the marketing team was stuck...
  2. Sammy7

    Grills by trim

    Pardon my ignorance, but is there a functional reason why the front bar on the FE covers the lettering? It seems like it should be a couple of inches lower.
  3. Sammy7

    Center console lock

    I think the question is whether the center console locks by hitting the lock button on the fob or if it can only be locked with the key.
  4. Sammy7

    Removeable Roll Cage

    Darwinism’s work is never finished.
  5. Sammy7

    Removeable Roll Cage

    In other words, subjective ideas of what looks cool have precedence over safety standards?
  6. Sammy7

    Removeable Roll Cage

    1. Not everything patented makes it to production. 2. The fact they’re on the bodies in the paint sample pictures leads me to believe they’re welded on. 3. Why would you want to remove the roll cage?
  7. Sammy7

    OBX losing it’s luster

    Don‘t forget Daytona.
  8. Sammy7

    If you're Ford, which trim do you tool your line for 1st?

    That depends on how much experience one has with the DoD.
  9. Sammy7

    If you wanted to "make" a trim, what would it be? What would it be called?

    I think the differences in off-roadability are unnecessary for 98% of the buyers. I’d sacrifice some of that for a model with increased towing capacity. It would be a capability that might actually be used.
  10. Sammy7

    BRONCO: Can it be a sound investment?

    Most of the FE buyers? The Hyundai will have the nicer interior. Generally, yes. But you’re confusing a sound financial decision with an investment. They’re two different things. Even in terms of sound financial decisions, taking the initial depreciation hit isn’t one.
  11. Sammy7

    First Edition - Why no unique color and LESS color choices

    My very first boss told me that you can sell literal crap if you package it correctly and this is a prime example. Ford slapped a sticker on it, told everyone it was “special”, and 7,000 people drank the Kool-Aid. If the FE has everything you want, go ahead and get it. If a...
  12. Sammy7

    Ford's Marketing...

    I think we’re at the point where it’s more than reasonable to assume ordering won’t be happening in December.
  13. Sammy7

    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    It’s a no-brainer to look at Wrangler sales and understand why Ford wants a piece of the market, but it doesn’t carry over to the Gladiator—Jeep just isn’t selling enough of them and the ones they sell are discounted. If Ford makes a Bronco pickup, they’ll be cannibalizing from the Bronco...
  14. Sammy7

    Swing out tail gate and oversized Cargo...

    I’d only trust that feature when it’s not moving.
  15. Sammy7

    Would a V8 GMC Jimmy Sway You from the Bronco?

    To rephrase the question: Instead of waiting a year for a Bronco, would you rather wait two years for a Jimmy with a hypothetical V8 that will never happen? Eventually somebody’s going to need to actually buy a new car.
  16. Sammy7

    Washout interior is a fail!!!

    True... I’m still scratching my head at the people who think a forty gallon gas tank on the two-door is a brilliant idea and Ford needs to rush it into production. I think the forum software needs a feature where Clippy pops up and says “It looks like you’re making a post without using logic or...
  17. Sammy7

    Washout interior is a fail!!!

    I think Ford’s biggest takeaway from this launch debacle is the need to manage expectations.
  18. Sammy7

    Keyless Entry Keypad

    But one of the primary selling points of the keypad is the ability to lock your keys (and phone) inside, go do some activity where they could get damaged/lost, then get back inside and drive away. It’s been around forever, but that’s not a reason to get rid of something that works. I‘m not...
  19. Sammy7

    In the future...some non car-person will call/think your Bronco is a will you respond?

    They do to non-car people. You’d be amazed how bad it can be. When I was in college, I gave my roommate permission to borrow my car since his was in the shop. I was walking through campus with a friend when he drove past us and my friend wanted to know when my roommate got a new car. I had to...