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  1. t3n2and4

    Washout floor, rubber floor mats, rear AC / heat air vents in 4 door Bronco Overland build

    My 2001 Sport Trac had a rubber floor similar to the base XL trim F150 - which over 150k wore under my right heel until the padding was showing. Mat on TOP of the washout floor is a good idea for wear.
  2. t3n2and4

    Ford email update -- reservations, ordering, mid-October Build & Price

    It’s a big drive for me, but I like what they’re doing.
  3. t3n2and4

    Ford email update -- reservations, ordering, mid-October Build & Price

    That is wonderful to hear. I’m glad you reached out to her. They’ve been decent to me so far.
  4. t3n2and4

    Ford briefs dealers on Bronco reservations, allocations, ordering dates, build date estimates

    I hope you’re right. I worked a deal with Joe Meyers in 2001 for a Deep Wedgwood Blue Sport Trac. They submitted the order, got the stock in, then didn’t honor my deal - instead they sold it as dealer stock. I’m still pissed 20 years on. I ended up with a similarly equipped Black XLT from...
  5. t3n2and4

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    Torque capability of the clutch is likely the more limiting factor from what I’ve come to understand about powertrain.
  6. t3n2and4

    Puget Sound Bronco Brigade

    I’m sticking with Auto because I want the 2.7
  7. t3n2and4

    The Bronco trim badge is reflective - first look

    Blipshift ones are only good for +5. Damn. Need a K&N now.
  8. t3n2and4

    Puget Sound Bronco Brigade

    I know someone who used to work for corporate, I went with Bowen-Scarff at his recommendation. They’ve been in touch basically once a month to verify that I’m still out there.
  9. t3n2and4

    Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    I’ve got a long torso and it has been difficult to find a good fit. I’m nervous the Bronco may not work.
  10. t3n2and4

    Is the new Bronco a "classless" vehicle?

    I worried a lot about this kind of thing. Reason it through. My former boss went from an S4 to a Raptor.
  11. t3n2and4

    New LR Defender

    The towing capacity tempts me on the Defender, but the rear view is . . . disappointing.
  12. t3n2and4

    2021 Ford Bronco Badlands (4-door) vs Geländewagen (G-Wagon)

    The new generation G has some hiccups with windshields apparently. Most of the off roaders I’ve seen are not the newest ones.
  13. t3n2and4

    Late 90’s Bronco U260 Development Pics & Story

    I tried searching for “CNET” and U260 when I found this tonight and I didn’t see it! It’s so fascinating.
  14. t3n2and4

    Late 90’s Bronco U260 Development Pics & Story

    I stumbled across this interesting article from CNET RoadShow too - I didn’t see it when I searched originally. The “U260” is a fascinating inside view of what could have been in the late 90’s. I think I like where we ended up in the end...
  15. t3n2and4

    Phone Call with Ford Marketing - Reservation Dealer Switch

    I got a suggestion from a friend and forced the website by entering the zip of that one dealer. But I wasn't trying for a FE. That sucks.