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  1. Would You Want a 2WD Bronco for a Street/Sport Truck?

    not something I'd look at
  2. Does any one still sleep on the ground and under the stars?

    I'll just build my own platform that I'll remove if not needed, and I'll enjoy the extra cargo space for the rest of the year. Pretty simple fix, I'm sure aftermarket will be all over this, drawers and what not. I like getting that extra cargo area, instead of Ford just lifting the floor to make...
  3. Does any one still sleep on the ground and under the stars?

    haven't camped in a couple years, haven't backpacked in longer than that, but hope to change that. Also gonna set up a sleeping area in the back of my Bronco, find a nice spot and be done is nicer than having to set up tent and all that, but I will carry a small tent too. And a hammock, for...
  4. Ranch Hand Style Brush Guard

    that's the only kind I'd get if I thought I'd need a guard, don't care for the stock one (or any similar ones), either go full protect or none IMO. Weight is an issue, I would not add that much weight for looks only and would probably remove it when not wheeling in an environment where it's...
  5. [TFL] What Is The BEST 2021 Ford Bronco? I Compare The Trims To Find Out! | Bronco Week Ep.2

    off road only, I'd not try it on pavement. At least not in mine :-D
  6. Dealer branding, badges, etc on our Broncos

    I don't think my dealer does stickers but I'll ask them not to. But also easy to remove if they forget. Don' t mind the license plate frame in the back. I'll tell them to not mount any front plate though, I'll get a relocation kit for the front plate, probably one that mounts on the tow hook and...
  7. Daktari

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Pharm351 that seems to be the big thing still, looks like they're getting their act together at that plant, but full swing might be a bit longer. I have the MIC too and I'm not changing to maybe speed things up. I'll get it when I get it.
  8. Daktari

    Bay Area Broncos

    I was told I'm #41 of 80 allocations. Also was told that most of those in front of me are similar fully loaded BL/WT/FE, kind of what I expected with all the money floating around this town, so who knows when I'll get mine. I was surprised that apparently 40 others reserved before me (4 hours...
  9. [TFL] Hands-On Review of 2021 Bronco -- Worth The Wait? Bronco Week Ep.1

    I'm gonna call my Bronco Bronco or my car. It's not a truck to me, my Taco is a truck. Don't like that? Don't care. It's my car and I'll call it what I want. It's also never ever going to be a 'she', LOL. Some people get wound up about the silliest things, hope to never run into them on the...
  10. Honest question

    that's how I see it. Ford managed to reveal and roll out this highly anticipated vehicle, build it and deliver it to customers despite Covid and all that it brought with it world wide. And pretty much on schedule, they said spring delivery and at least one dealer mannequin was delivered in...
  11. Update: Bronco Scheduling Does Not Resume This Week (6/21)

    The vast majority of cars that get broken into are (non-removable) hard top with glass windows. Hard top is not any more secure than soft top or no top, if you leave valuable things in your car. Much faster and much easier to pop a window than to cut through a soft top too.
  12. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    oh, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for, personal impressions from driving it around for a couple days, thanks!
  13. Turning Japanese

    nope, LOL, WTF? total fail
  14. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    I'm generally not a fan, something looks off to me in the design, but I don't know, your rig looks quite cool! What color is that? I tend to like them better with a shell or camper on the back, but this thing looks great!
  15. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    true. Seems like after market might supply some that work, but I'm thinking that if Ford is allowed to sell these w/o, they are not needed for crash safety, maybe because the larger tires would act different in an accident? I never paid any attention to any of these things, know nothing about...
  16. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    it's the internet, have to have the negative Nancies around, LOL.
  17. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    that should be fun, glad my week isn't too busy. Funny that Ford provided them a Wrangler too, LOL.
  18. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    that's all nice, but how is driving it around? Can't wait for your impressions and video/photos. My dealer also said they'll schedule drives for reservation holders only, makes sense in a way, otherwise they'd probably have a line around the block and thousand of miles on it before they can...
  19. Can a Bronco Be My Mid-Life Crisis Vehicle?

    I'm a bit past midlife (at least I hope I'll never be 112 years old, LOL) and I'd not call it a crisis, but one kid is off to college, the other one will be in 4 years and I want to have a fun vehicle after my trusty and super practical Tacoma. Always wanted a convertible, we had a Miata for a...
  20. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    it's a big truck, my Badsquatch will be as tall as me more or less, around 6'3''. I'll probably have to get on my tiptoes to see the top of the roof. (one more reason I'm not into a roof rack, but mainly that'll never happen because I want a convertible w/o a rack in view)