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  1. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    I think this will probably be my out. if I don’t love it to death when it arrives, then I am not going to drive something with this kind of gas mileage. I’ll keep the 35 mpg vehicle I have until an electric comes out. I love how the torque feels on the electric. It’s super fun
  2. Offered a Sponsorship

    Yeah. Absolutely if you like the bumper. Post a lot of videos and pictures. You never know who is watching and what else you’d get. I watch a lot of ebike videos and a lot of those guys have new bikes sent to them for free all the time even with only a few thousand viewers.
  3. Broncos showing up at dealers

    Just ask for a test drive and post the video if they gave them. Who knows what the scam is but if not a sing look e person here has posted their own delivered Bronco, then they probably aren’t available yet.
  4. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Nice. Post pics!!
  5. I ordered a Jeep today..

    Happy Pride Month! Can’t wait to see the pix!!
  6. I ordered a Jeep today..

    My lease is up this weekend. I also placed an order for another vehicle. I guess it’s a race to see which comes first the Bronco or the other one. Either way, I’ll most likely be driving a 32 year old Miata with 210k miles on it all summer.
  7. Be careful out there.

    You’ll see a lot more of these threads I think....people that somehow think that this is an appropriate vehicle for this kind of terrain. As for the tow....let that be the insurance companies problem
  8. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    Dang OJ, you got a type!!
  9. White (Unfinished MOD) Top Spotted

    Jeez let’s not complicate stuff. Let’s see if they can get a few grey ones out first before we try getting another color in there 😂
  10. I would rather have a nonremovable roof.

    What’s the point of the Bronco if it’s not to get you connected to the earth....beach,rocks, trails?
  11. Who loves the bronco but not people?!

    There is a very good chance that if you like the way it looks modded out, so will other people. I get the same Take a pill, get some therapy and enjoy the compliments or buy a silver crosstrek.
  12. Ford offering $1000

    That seems totally reasonable or some decent gift. Yeti cooler, bimini top , etc
  13. 📸: MAP Bronco of the day - Race Red Badlands 2-Door + few others.

    As far as they stated, the dealer stated that switching to 2dr soft was available, so he was either incorrect or that is an option now. It gets very cold here and I already have a convertible so it wasn’t an option I explored further
  14. Nissan Pathfinder

    It is. We are talking about the addition of the Pathfinder here though and the need for another small to midsize suburban type SUV. Whether the Sport is selling well or not, it doesn’t really offer anything new to the market except to offer people the Bronco name without any of its off-road...
  15. Who has reached out directly to Ford?

    I reached out to them after my order didn’t show up in their systems. They were totally useless, so honestly I would never contact them again.
  16. June 2 Email Group!

    Perhaps there is a shortage of side decals now
  17. Nissan Pathfinder

    There are just way too many plain old SUVs on the market right now. Why do they need another.
  18. Finally in my small state...saw a Ford Outback today....

    Outback Is much nicer. I don’t get this Bronco Sport. It’s the exact size as my Crosstrek but 10k more and has a smaller engine. It’s cute. I’d give it some thought if it was 25k for the badlands
  19. My wife saw a Defender and liked it...oh boy...

    Went car shopping this weekend. There were 2 on the lot in my area, which was surprising because I’ve seen only one ever being driven. as far as who gets the SUV they want.....coming to a Bronco forum to ask if you should get that or another car you are probably expecting everyone to side...