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  1. Not a bad start, Bronco

    lol, beat me to it. but I'll add vinyl seats and rubber floors probably predate Honda's first car sold in the USA.
  2. Does Tow Package affect suspension or coil springs size?

    To be repetitive, Ford needs to produce a farm/ranch model to be true to its Bronco roots. there are as many that need a off roader that can tow as there those who need a Mad Max desert runner. But I digress.
  3. Turning Japanese

    Long ago, in a far away place (California) Toyota had American staffed design studios, knowing full well that tastes vary on either side of the Pacific. They seem to have completely forgotten that.
  4. Timing order to the end of your current vehicle lease

    Does your lease have a set price buy option? With the crazy used car prices you should really know. Might make a buck.
  5. Age old question answered.

    sad to say but you might want to bump that zero up a few notches. it's hard to really tell because those that go for that second kick are probably wearing a ball gag. o_O
  6. Ford must be doing something right. Bronco Essentially Sold Out for Years

    interesting points. not really up on what the competitions many advantages are but you're probably not talking the cash strapped Lordstown truck venture. or the others that aren't even out there giving ride alongs to journalists and allowing them to publish. prototype to production is what...
  7. Ford must be doing something right. Bronco Essentially Sold Out for Years

    problem there, besides not pointing that out, is that one supports the other. without the fleet sales of E & F series fleet sales there would be no Bronco. they all do it, if they have a product that gets the job done.
  8. Fender Flare Connection Points Look Flimsy

    as far as I know the Toyota Tundra and certain Jeep products are bench marks on what not to do. in 40yrs of driving Ford trucks not one had any significant frame rust.
  9. Ford must be doing something right. Bronco Essentially Sold Out for Years

    Sort of the point of the Ford Pro commercial customer push?
  10. 2022 Tundra

  11. Confused - Ranger platform

    all the two frames need to go on the same line or buck is 4 common location points. in other words 4 frame holes to rest on 4 location pins. you already have two different frames if you consider 2dr/4dr. E and F series plants do it all the time. all the lines do is to support and transport the...
  12. Rear Cup holders and air vents in 2022 Jeep

    Jeep adds cup holders that permanently remove any center leg room, Maverick adds slots that allow you to choose.
  13. New Maverick video from Fabulous Ford

    I don't think Ford is going to be marketing Mav against Ranger though there will be some loss. Think about it this way, better mpg, lower price, more features and tons more room than a HONDA CIVIC Which would you chose, if you had to?
  14. Plug-In Hybrid Broncos Confirmation?

    Not sure why you're thinking the Bronco would get a FWD powertrain but you might better think F150 hybrid 10spd driveline, and it will hardly be near 40mpg, most likely 25+. As for the Maverick, yes no AWD, yet. The Mav development is only 2 years in, pretty quick. If you look a bit deeper the...
  15. Will there be a future Lincoln Bronco?

    no good history on Lincoln trucks, fizzle fest
  16. Bronco with a Cummins???

    gonna need that big diesel torque to tow a 3,500# trailer. $6,000 up front, +$0.50 for fuel, hassle of diesel exhaust fluid, hard pass
  17. Ford Maverick Pickup Revealed! Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price!

    it coming, someday
  18. Rivian R1T Spotted

    sort of looks like the Maverick except for the emoji front end.