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  1. Defending Fords decision for the CG MIC Hard top

    You get a petition. You get a petition. Everybody gets a petition!
  2. I've gone another route... :(

    That black hard top looks really nice.
  3. Closeup pics of dark gray MIC top - in sun vs shade .
  4. MIC Top color, Ford are you listening?

    This is what they have shown. This is what you get.
  5. Black Diamond has the best interior. Prove me wrong.

    I dislike like it the least.
  6. Well, that does it... I'm leaving the FB group.

    Wow that looks fantastic! That is exactly what I want. A painted black hard top.
  7. We need outdoor photos of ALL body colors with MIC tops

    The MIC grey hard top is grey.
  8. Give Your Best One Liner About Ford's B&P Roll Out

    "We're listening." - Henry Ford
  9. First Edition Bronco Thread

    "We're listening" - Henry Ford
  10. Announcement: MIC Hardtop Option Only Initially. Black Painted Modular Hardtop Will Be Late Availability

    It's not just the hard top but none of the other components are even similar. The front bumper is black, the grill is blackish, the fenders and mirrors are charcoal, and the hard top is faded grey.
  11. INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    The CGI renderings are extremely misleading. This is what is shown on the B&P for Big Bend Sandstone cloth: This is what you get:
  12. $5790 for Sasquatch on the Base!!

    Manual Sasquatch is late availability. You will not be able to build it or order it until later.
  13. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    Build & Price Is Up in 15 minutes.
  14. INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    Yes but it has been delayed along with the painted hard tops.
  15. INTERIOR COLORS & MATERIALS Walkthrough Video Posted

    I am really disappointed we have gone from this: to this:
  16. Making the MIC top white or black? Any product (wrap, paint, Rhino liner) that can reliably be used?

    The textured surface may not work well with a vinyl wrap.