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  1. What does this mean now??

    I think #4 means no more prioritizing, like what they allowed dealers to do in the first round. Some people with reservations in '21 got onto the schedule right away. No more of that
  2. Be careful out there.

    Crazy, I live in Rio Rancho. Challenge accepted
  3. Is Maverick showing possible orange color for 2022 Bronco?

    These eyes see nothing but red
  4. 🎥: Town and Country TV: 10 things they LOVE about the Bronco

    I've not officially heard the BRONCO letters on the grille pop thats great news for me if true
  5. Bronco Off-Roadeo Registration Now Open, Begins June 28 in Texas

    More pricey than I was expecting for a free event
  6. 5/28 Bronco Production Update E-mail & Dealer Insight FAQ 📬

    Dealers took as many reservations as they could. Allocations were partially based on how many reservations the dealer got. So every dealer has "more reservations than actually 2021 allocations"
  7. Does anyone still have a June build date?

    On May 27th, they sent out emails for July builds. They probably wouldn't have done that if all of June got pushed in July....just thinking out loud
  8. 📸 🏆 Memorial Day Giveaway & Sale - Share your best road trip photos of America

    Mesa arch in Canyonlands NP is overly photographed but underrated. Such a beautiful place to see in person
  9. Week 7

    Got mine today for July 19. Feeling very lucky I didn't have to give up anything...good luck today folks! Badlands/MIC/squatch/2.7/lux/4dr Day 1 res
  10. Bronco July 2021 Production Scheduling Memo

    What a f*** joke. This the first time I've been truly frustrated.
  11. What is Your Prediction on When You Will See Your Bronco?

    Reserved within the first 2 hours...probably October at best
  12. Satisfaction poll, just curious

    Probably below the satisfaction mark. I have z-plan so there was no effort involved in the financial process. They just don't reach out at all and are absolutely tight-lipped on everything. I'd appreciate if they were even slightly upfront/honest buuuuuuttt what can you do.
  13. NM Dealerships

    Anyone in NM have an luck with scheduling? Just out of curiosity
  14. 📸 Bronco PICS & VIDEOS From Super Celebration East!!! 🎥

    First time seeing my exact build (take or leave bull bar). Very cool
  15. B&O Sound Quality in Bronco is Amazing!

    People comment more when they're dissatisfied, rather than happy about something. I ignore most comments when it's solely subjective.
  16. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    That's why having multiple options is nice. To me, that thing looks like it's wearing eye glasses. The Bronco will benefit from having a lot of different choices for all of us.
  17. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    Roof rack or bimini top....we'll see what happens