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  1. Dealer branding, badges, etc on our Broncos

    Agreed about refusing delivery, though an exception might be made for them riveting it on like that picture above. They'd be putting on a new whatever location on if they did that.
  2. Dealer branding, badges, etc on our Broncos

    I can't stand dealer advertisement on vehicles......always irks me seeing it. But I also realize most people don't notice or care about their vehicle, they're surely not going to care about the dealer's sticker. I'm pretty sure my dealer will put on their sticker even if I ask them not to, and...
  3. Honest question

    Because Bronco is a much more complicated and unique product vs. Bronco Sport, which is effectively a rebodied Escape, which itself has been out for over a year already. While it's different from Escape, a lot of it is similar, so production processes and things were already worked out for it...
  4. Honest question

    It'll get filed under "remember that time...." and nothing beyond that.
  5. Poll MY21 vs MY22

    I had a night 1 reservation (I think technically it was "day 2 because it was after midnight by the time I got the system to work, so I'll call it night 1), and will be a '22 because I want to wait for the black MOD top. As others have also said, past a certain point in this year, I'd rather...
  6. MotorTrend talks about Bronco/Bronco Sport Naming Confusion

    Still a dumb reason to me if it otherwise fits your needs and like it. But to each their own!
  7. MotorTrend talks about Bronco/Bronco Sport Naming Confusion

    At the end of the day, once the big one comes out, this whole discussion will be a moot point. It's only confusing now because of the staggered rollout. Furthermore, the "model " and "model SPORT" differentiation doesn't seem to hurt Range Rover/Range Rover Sport at all..... Explorer Sport...
  8. Will there be a future Lincoln Bronco?

    Highly highly doubt it. Doesn't really fit Lincoln's brand ethos of "quiet luxury".
  9. Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door in Velocity Blue and Full Graphics Decals

    Makes sense that it's not on B&P anymore, as that's 2021 B&P, and they made all painted MOD tops 2022s.
  10. Video - taking the MIC hard top off

    Yeah, I didn't remember those being shown in the previous videos....but not surprised that's the case lol. I thought it was 4 inside. Not a big deal really, but surprising it wasn't shown before (or if it was I just don't remember at all). In the videos from months ago, it was a single...
  11. Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door in Velocity Blue and Full Graphics Decals

    I opted for the graphics too, despite their price. I felt they help break up the large expanse of blue on the doors (especially the 4 door I'll have), and go with the rest of the Wildtrak black accents (and black roof I got).
  12. Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door in Velocity Blue and Full Graphics Decals

    So close to mine.....if only it had 4 doors and a black roof lol.
  13. ⛑ Ford effectively assumes operational control of Webasto's Plymouth plant to help resolve Bronco top supply issue

    impossible. No outside factors matter. Ford should’ve had contingencies for all of them. Ford is just a bunch of complete morons that have no idea what they’re doing!!! [/heavy sarcasm]
  14. 📽: Town and Country TV-10 Things They Hate About The 6G Bronco!

    Where is this from? Ford usually calls out the stop and go feature (I believe also branding it "Intelligent adaptive cruise) in their order guides. Bronco doesn't call it out, only calling it "adaptive cruise".
  15. Glossary of 2021 Bronco Symbols & Indicator Warning Lights

    The way Ford's capless system works is that there's effectively a little door/flap that the fuel nozzle hits in the right spot that allows it to open. Ford includes a plastic filler piece for if you need to fill from a can that also hits that spot. I'm guessing there's a sensor in that little...
  16. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Video & Pics Show New Details and Camo Easter Egg 🦖

    Yeah, I did notice that sound in the video.
  17. 🚙 Bronco Wildtrak 2-Door Walk Around (Black / Sandstone)

    I thought he was making a joke based on that other video that called the Wildtrak's interior navy pier, but I guess not. There were a few mistakes in his presentation, so for the one you're talking about, he's technically right in general, as you can get it "optionally" if you choose the right...
  18. 📸: 2 Door Rapid Red Badlands+Upgraded Wheels+Fastback sighted in Palm Beach FL

    My buddy actually saw this one on the road and sent me a snapchat of it!
  19. Spied: Bronco Warthog Hints at FORD Grille and Other New Details

    I'd imagine there will be a ton of different grille inserts available over time. --- I'm not a big fan of the steps either - don't like how they have the exposed bolts on the rock rail, and don't love the look of them - mainly the raised part in the center where it bolts to the rail, the rest...
  20. Is anyone else cancelling and getting the F150 Lightning?

    Sounds like you never followed up if you never got any Bronco emails lol.