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  1. Easter eggs, stop spoiling them!

    Ford had to "officially" call the ecosport the "echo-sport" practically because a British exec pronounced it that way. I see this similarly. We the people recognize the truth! Goes over any terrain! Honestly though a lawyer probably got involved, worried about the claim. IMO "goes over any...
  2. Easter eggs, stop spoiling them!

    I cannot emphasize enough how much it bothers me when people say "type of terrain" its not a GOATT mode!
  3. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Well my original prediction didn't age well, this mileage is absolute trash. So trash that I honestly don't believe it. I think those numbers were set with "funhavers" behind the wheel. If I cant get mid-low 20's with the manual 2.3 on the highway i'll diesel swap just to pay respects to the...
  4. Diesel option

    I want a diesel. If there was an option I would have paid a premium for it. I have had a couple stints at Ford where I got to work on the 6.7 and that was awesome, Diesels are just plain cool. V8's sound cool, unless they are sitting next to a diesel. Any arrangement of diesel cylinders sounds...
  5. When must Ford provide MPG estimates?

    Totally agree, this is why I am both surprised that people seem to "not care" and have such low expectations! I also agree about having fun, I really am not concerned with the practical limitations of bad mileage. Its more so about a benchmark comparison, like what you provided. I know the...
  6. Rugged Toyota Sienna Woodland Towing/Sleeping Capacity

    I would like it, but the grill isn't big enough for me. I need it to be at least twice as big, and preferably the usable portion behind grill shutters should be smaller. /s
  7. When must Ford provide MPG estimates?

    Its true you have to pick one, but its also true that you can pick either one at any time. That's the whole point of the downsize + boost trend. Incredible BSFC when you are on light duty cycles and boost to fill the gaps.
  8. When must Ford provide MPG estimates?

    It seems that there are two types of people on the forum, those interested in mileage/range, and those not. I appreciate that you tried to ward the latter off with your initial post, but it never seems to work. There are people on here that apparently would be happy to drive a Bronco in gallons...
  9. Update: Test Bronco spotted in UAE

    I'm laughing at the idea of some hotshots in the UAE demanding Broncos and Ford saying oh yea sure, these ones are ready, definitely saleable. We totally passed Job 1 and are in full production... those aren't bugs, theyre features!
  10. 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

    Alright so Cyber truck is PS1 level low-poly styling, this is up to PS2 levels I think
  11. Black Diamond off-roading without Sasquatch

    Pretty sure this was demoed back in the camo days and confirmed via spy shots. There were almost certainly rigs running the Rubicon and Moab last year or earlier that were neither Squatch or BL, no ride along reviews with that though obviously. If this is about being actually worried about...
  12. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    As someone who works on superduty steering, I feel obligated to point out that the 4x2 is a twin I-beam, not SLA (short-long arm).The Bronco has SLA-IFS, and its not prone to any wobble. I actually love TIB generally, but if you take a peek under a 4x2 Superduty you can see very plainly that the...
  13. Front Differential?

    Fun fact: my pickup has a 3:55 rear and 3:54 front, that's an OEM offering too! but yea generally they are the same, in terms of this thread or the Bronco you are absolutely right. As for my truck, my guess is they were constrained by the different hardware/package space available since the...
  14. Not sure if anyone has seen this post by Motortrend

    Or gearing, almost always gearing. Horsepower will let you do stuff faster but that was never the point of crawling. One glance at a tractor and you can see the emphasis on gearing over power.
  15. Anyone looking at doing a Bugout build?

    Right, if sh*t really hits the fan there will be no easy way forward. But I presume there will be a LOT of likeminded people hunting the same deer in the same woods in the same mountains too
  16. Anyone looking at doing a Bugout build?

    If we're being real here, my buggout vehicle is my 87 pickup that can probably run forever on used motor oil. Cant beat that, but I may have my wife follow me in the Bronco for the hour drive to the family farm. If we really get an apocalypse I cant think of a reason on earth I would ditch some...
  17. Troubles in Jeepville?

    Could it be both? What if we had a name for that... You know how CR uses graphs in a lot of their rankings, maybe we can just use the term Axis, if it's available ;)
  18. Lets discuss why there should/not be a v8 option!

    I love engines, and I love options. If this Bronco was coming out 10 years ago I think it could get away with offering more. Ironically nowadays it would be easier to offer more options but the appetite for the business isn't there. Ford, like other manufactures needs to balance initial costs...
  19. Troubles in Jeepville?

    Without checking myself, is CR ever favorable to any manufacturer that's not Japanese? At least that's how I remember it over the past 10-15 years. I don't think Jeep deserves an excellent quality score, but CR's reputation is far from golden in my book. Edit: Ditto Dads_bronze_bronco.
  20. Ever Heard of eFuel (synthetic fuel)? I hadn't...

    This is what i'm talking about! I am not in opposition to BEV's but the idea that they are the only way to carbon neutral is a huge cultural hurdle right now. Add in the fact that most people think carbon neutral fuel has to compete with farmland, it doesn't! I'm happy Porsche is sticking their...