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  1. Poll Engine vs Transmission Choices or Compromise?

    Let me correct you: "It's the 21st. Things don't all have to change, it's ok. Get a manual, no need to ride mindlessly using an automatic transmission."
  2. Stark Realization!

    You have to read very deeply with a lot of patience to get the tea leaves of information in here. But the ride is fun ... well entertaining at least.
  3. How important is it to you that this is a Ford product?

    Given the emotional draw of the past, I don't think this would work as well for me if it was something else. Let's say Toyota brought back the FJ in some similar form: I would definitely cross shop, as I have looked at the Defender 90 and Jeep Gladiator / JL. In this case, I am in it because...
  4. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    Yeah - I haven't met anyone on the Jeep side who retrofitted the factory disconnect either. I've done manual disconnects on my son's TJ, and a well thought out kit is not hard to do or use occasionally. To me - the nicest thing about the Bronco disconnect is the reconnect and re-disconnect...
  5. [TFL] I Explore The New 2022 Ford Bronco's Best, Weirdest, & Worst Features | Bronco Week Ep.3

    The first we've really hear about the sound system - that was a good tidbit. They love the manual but didn't list no stick with the 2.7 and complained about rear prop and hood prop instead - WTF. Glad they agree on towing.
  6. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    We know lease residuals are like a FE: And suspension is most likely Squatch although @Beach_Bum mentioned a non-Squatch choice:
  7. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    OK - well that implies we could retrofit on a non-Badlands for some ungodly amount. Curious if there is a rear sway bar listed in the system. Another user was on here saying they saw a swamp/mud version testing in Florida with a rear sway bar.
  8. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    Interior too - although the dash insert should be body color….
  9. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    We should try to find this out. @flip is there any mention of the Heritage Edition in addition to First Edition or Badlands in reference to the front disconnecting sway bar in the parts system?
  10. A sign of things to come (40.4 Jeep)

    And here we go - that Xtreme Recon package will be on dealer lots before most of us get Broncos with actual tops on them... The article doesn't mention lockers though. If they leave the lockers off the non-Rubicons, there is still a Ford advantage.
  11. Got my RTR Wheels!!

    Those look really cool. It will be interesting to see if the stock Bronco center caps fit. These wheels have me really questioning the $995 for the optional Badlands wheels, since this has the offset to go up in tires sizes. Weight would be good to know, since we know the optional Badlands /...
  12. What does this mean now??

    If this is the case, this becomes a PR total disaster for Ford. I really don't see how they fix the top problem in time for 2022, if they can only build 7000 tops in 2021. So how are we to believe with any trust if we wait until 2022, Webasto will suddenly be able to pump out tops and we'll be...
  13. [TFL] What Is The BEST 2021 Ford Bronco? I Compare The Trims To Find Out! | Bronco Week Ep.2

    Yeah - Black Diamond would be if we could get a 7MT with Mid Package - and later Mansquatch
  14. Update: Bronco Scheduling Does Not Resume This Week (6/21)

    So I thought August was the big ramp up. It doesn't feel like there are a big ramp up of August notifications on this site.
  15. Sound Deadening Headliner Shedding

    I saw that too - hopefully just dust from production, or leaving the panel off sitting around as Broncos kick up dust. Needs a good vacuuming apparently.
  16. My 2021 Bronco just arrived! Taking delivery!!!

    Congrats Sir Ben! I would be at that dealer as fast as possible and fending off the hoards ... Also, hey, at least Ford had the sense to deliver a Badlands first, to a very early reservation.
  17. 🗓 2022 Bronco Dates Revealed - Ordering, Scheduling & Production Start Date

    Agreed - after the worsening top news over the past few months, I think those Mod Tops are getting further and further away. It sure seems like most of August fully ramped production—and probably September too—are going to be four door soft tops. And if they are struggling so hard just to get...
  18. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    Two and (sadly) a rear tailgate. 😉