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  1. [TFL] I Explore The New 2022 Ford Bronco's Best, Weirdest, & Worst Features | Bronco Week Ep.3

    Mad Dash To Fill Content... That media blacklist must have really hurt in putting TFL behind other media outlets.
  2. [TFL] Hands-On Review of 2021 Bronco -- Worth The Wait? Bronco Week Ep.1

    They waited a long time because of their manual trans their leak to get some Bronco information... They need to trail test the Bronco and report how much better the Bronco is over the Range Rover.
  3. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    My gas is cheaper...
  4. Actual 2/4 door age poll

    We need a poll on how many polls on one subject should be allowed...
  5. 17 combined Fuel Economy?

    I don't pay CA fuel prices because I stay out of that place. I'm originally from there and loved the state, just not the people too much (except family). DD is very much an option for me. Go where the gas is cheap, and be free to DD your Bronco the way you want.
  6. What happened to Bronco design in 80’s and 90’s?

    Were lucky they weren't all painted plaid with grunge theme interior.
  7. Are there emails being sent out today (6/17)?

    Mine was reduced credit card interest rates... Then the consolidation loan... Then the business loan.... Then it was the auto extended warranty. @Rick Astley is giving a lot of business these days.
  8. Timeline from production to delivery?

    Usually build +30 days for US made. However, you're not too far from the build site.
  9. Is Sasquatch an afterthought from Ford?

    Ford raised the bar, even if they had to remove it from the Sasquatch to do it.
  10. Sneaky dealership story

    I'm really surprised the OP has to explain what this means to the community over and over with such a major disconnect. I agree with the OP and what the dealership did violates the agreement-trust we made with Ford as a community. Ford stated that we would receive our builds based on a few...
  11. My Bronco is in Production right meow!

    Hope it comes with a Bronco Bolt... seems fitting.
  12. Behind The Scenes Tour of Bronco Production at MAP Factory

    Hmm, by extension I read this as factory tours might be available soon... hopefully. I'd like to drive there in my Bronco and take a tour someday. Exciting times indeed.
  13. Road noise sound level = 72dB @ 70mph, MIC top, no sound deadening, 2.7L Bronco

    At least he's wearing a green watchband. I support green color too. Apparently Bronco will to, someday.
  14. Anyone notice ventilated seats button pictures in the manual?

    The "truck"-looking button says it's not a Bronco control panel... Rockstars.
  15. Got my 2021 Bronco yesterday!

    yeah... I was trying not to be obvious about the CLICKBATE!!!
  16. Got my 2021 Bronco yesterday!

    Totally fake, that's a mod top. We all know that's not an option right now on MY21.
  17. Late Reservation

    You cannot order a MY2021. The best you can hope for is that you can get a MY22, based on the number of reservations that are ahead of you. Order banks for the MY22 are not open yet. Sometime this year (maybe) for the MY22 orders to be input in the system, but it's still reservation time...