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  1. Not my son...

    So what if the girl in the tear jerker video bought her Dad a Sport.....'spose he would have said "Er, no thanks, I'll wait for a real one...I ponied up $50K for tuition and you get me a damn Sport, sh*t."
  2. My 2021 Bronco just arrived! Taking delivery!!!

    Sorry...your dealer called and since today is my birthday they decided to give it to me instead :)
  3. Does any one still sleep on the ground and under the stars?

    However you chose to camp (full disclosure I have a motorhome) keep extraneous equipment to a minimum so your camping trip doesn't become an equipment management trip.
  4. Is my dealer correct?

    I read the title " "Is my dealer correct?" and was just going to say no, then read your question...I think your dealer is correct. :(
  5. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    ...very nice. I think you're seeing brake rotors through the wheels. The wheels are black with some baby moon hub caps, very retro. Of course in production those wheels could just as easily be white with chrome 'moon babies'.
  6. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    I keep telling myself those Bridgestone's will be fine 'til they wear out....but I keep checking out Falken and Toyo 255/80x17's ...what's another $1200?
  7. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    ......or so I can get 4.27, locker, tint, fogs, wheels I like and 32's (although more aggressive would be nice) for the least possible cost.
  8. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    Yeah, I think the Heritage Edition should be a variation of the BD, steelies (maybe white) and all. I'd almost (ALMOST) regret getting a '21 if that were the case. But I'm sure Ford will make the Heritage a high dollar rig I wouldn't have bought anyway.
  9. Fender Flare Connection Points Look Flimsy

    I'm a little concerned with the apparent fragility of the latches, they look very breakable. We'll see. If it becomes a problem I'll bolt or goop them on.
  10. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    From rrpilot
  11. 📸: Gen1 and Gen6 together at Texas Off-Roadeo & MAP Bronco Base Sasquatch

    Wow, that Squatch makes the stock gen 1 look small. Curious what a non Sas would look like next to a stock Gen 1.
  12. Explain your choice. Tell us what model you chose and why!

    I saw this was a resurrected post, went back and checked my vote, it was back in my BaseSquatch days. It's still the best value, but I really didn't want the 315 x 35 tires, because of the extra overall width and unchainability. So I went: 2 dr; because it's a Bronco and it's usually just my...
  13. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    From BN...someone's VB Big Bend is being bolted together
  14. Base Bronco- Tire size without modifications?

    Not a simple question... but, the tire is 10% bigger than stock, so you would have an equivalent gear ratio of about 3.36. Jeep puts this on 30 and even 32" tire rigs all the time. It might be limiting in very steep or rocky off roading or cause excessive down shifting on the highway.
  15. Wildland fire near Moab

    5400 acres as of Sunday 6-13
  16. Sold my Jeep today and haven't seen a Bronco

    I sold my LJ Rubicon a few days ago, last I heard I'm a July 5 build week.
  17. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    Without getting into the brand of oil argument, can anyone tell me if there is an advantage to "Synthetic Blend" (as recommended in the owners manual) over "Full Synthetic"? I'm pretty new to this synthetic game. Just started using it in my motorhome as synthetic was used by the previous owner.
  18. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    Woo Hoo, look what showed up today. Now excuse me, I'll be in the bathroom....
  19. Wildland fire near Moab

    The lower elevations around town have sparse desert vegetation, the current fire started in Pinon-Juniper woodland and is progressing up in elevation on the LaSal Mountains into Aspen and Spruce-fir woodland, it burns very well.