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  1. L8apex

    SOUTHEASTERN U.S. Reservation holders - If a S.E. dealer made a Granger/Stephens deal . . .

    If it was convenient to Charlotte NC I would switch. I have A plan so it wouldn’t even be for the pricing. I assume a dealership would see the level of enthusiasm Stephens and Granger are pulling and prepare accordingly to make transactions go as smoothly as possible.
  2. L8apex

    A look at Grabber Yellow on 2021 Mustang Mach 1

    Hoping that’s a European spec because those clear tails are terrible.
  3. L8apex

    Can 3 seats come out and can i sleep inside?

    I’d look at internally hanging a hammock. Quite a few overlanders do this! Could even get away with not removing the seats and just folding them down. Quick search on mobile found this product for Jeep
  4. L8apex

    BRONCO grille lettering LED back lighting

    Yea fellow Engineer here - if you're doing this as a business you might want to look into who can do injection or compression plastic molding. 3D printing is good for prototypes and low volume parts, but is much slower/costlier if you're trying to make them in mass (IE batches of 100 or more)...
  5. L8apex

    Bronco Overland Build Walkthrough w/ Good Look at 4-Door Rear Seats & Marine Grade Vinyl (Andy’s All Access)

    Seems like it should be on everything BD and up EXCEPT FE - considering everything else says available leather. ***Take this image with a huge grain of salt it's from Ford but we wont know until B&P***
  6. L8apex

    Bronco Overland Build Walkthrough w/ Good Look at 4-Door Rear Seats & Marine Grade Vinyl (Andy’s All Access)

    That's been documented ad nauseum - they're under the seats NOT on the center stack.
  7. L8apex

    Bronco Overland Build Walkthrough w/ Good Look at 4-Door Rear Seats & Marine Grade Vinyl (Andy’s All Access)

    1 Big take away - was told that white roof will not be available for 2021MY (3:35 in).
  8. L8apex

    Military Spec Bronco Renderings

    Eh not necessarily true. If you are the lowest piece-price bidder, can meet the specs, but have a terrible reputation for delivering parts on time or supply chain issues which then causes a plant to be delayed - I'd be apt to go with a more expensive bidder. Also the expensive bidder may also...
  9. L8apex

    John Bronco mockumentary

    Coming Oct. 15th to Hulu......maybe coordinating with B&P?
  10. L8apex

    Seattle Bronco media event

    It's the Marmot and Filson stickers that throw me for the biggest loop. I've heard nothing about Marmot rumors. Edit: Apparently Marmot is taking care of the apprarel.
  11. L8apex

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    Speak for yourself - I'd take either, but I'd rock the hell out of the below color.
  12. L8apex

    Guess that Song!

    Correct - but it looks like the man above you beat you to it!
  13. L8apex

    Guess that Song!

    Well I guess I killed the thread - my previous post was Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon I'll make this one a little easier for the Friday crowd. "I come home one Friday, Had to tell the landlady I'd-a lost my job She said that don't confront me, Long as I get my money next...
  14. L8apex

    My thoughts on 2 door at Super Cel

    6:50 mark - save everyone some time.
  15. L8apex

    Sasquatch 2 Door Bronco Black Diamond in Rapid Red

    C'MON Broncos of insta - looks like there's an area 51 at the far end there!'
  16. L8apex

    First new Broncos spotted at Super Celebration East

    Uhmmm so we're not going to talk about the solid panels instead of windows?