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  1. Nissan Pathfinder

    This isn't the Pathfinder some of us remembered from the '90s. This new one, even though it does away with the CVT, is still a front wheel drive based unibody platform. No thanks.
  2. My Bronco Dreams Are Gone

    The Xterra is a 4X4 body on frame SUV with a solid rear axle with a 2 speed transfer case, and in the Pro-4X trim, comes with a rear locking differential. I'm not sure how you assess it's not comparable to the Bronco.
  3. TEXAS Bronco Event Schedule & Member Photos

    I just got back from the Ford Aquatics Center, they are still hosting the two 4 door Badlands there for any of you that have missed the event at the Stars. The rain has kept most people away, and it ended up being just me and another couple there, so we were able to completely go through our...
  4. Traxxas RC Bronco announced. Maybe I can at least get thisto tide me over...

    Boy I've been out of the hobby grade R/C scene in a while, this TRX-4 chassis wasn't around when I got out of it. I thought about getting one of those New Bright bodies and put it on a Tamiya scale crawler chassis.
  5. Local Dealer Claiming Bronco In-Stock!

    VIN checks out, it's legit. Probably a dealer trying to lock in a buyer as soon as they can sell it out of FCTP/Demo phase.
  6. Jeep is in trouble

    Actually, it is a turbocharged 1.5L 4 cylinder.
  7. Lease vs. Purchase?

    Same. As long as you pay all the monthly due over the agreed term, you just turn the vehicle in within the last 30-60 days, pay the disposition fee and walk away. I'd be curious to know what lender does this if this is actually a thing.
  8. Lease vs. Purchase?

    I will be financing the Bronco, but I've done a few leases for vehicles that may have questionable depreciation rates/risk of quick obsolescence since I tend to get new vehicles every 2-3 years.
  9. 21 MPG seen on 4 Door Badlands 2.3L

    All good my dude, thanks for sharing with us. Honestly, ~20 MPG for this sort of vehicle on the highway is decent, especially with the manual. The 10 speed auto should be able to squeeze out an extra MPG or two over the manual. It looks like the folks guessing for mid- to high teens for MPG...
  10. 21 MPG seen on 4 Door Badlands 2.3L

    It's not a Sasquatch if it's got 33" tires on it. So are you saying you are seeing this 21 MPG figure on a normal 4 door, 7 speed manual Badlands then?
  11. Dealer ordered

    Yeah this is very likely a FCTP vehicle. No VIN is going to be assigned until that vehicle is on the assembly line, and we know Job 1 doesn't start until 5/3. I'm curious to see how this dealer goes about selling it if they're already putting a listing up. Will they sell it as an agreement to...
  12. More chip shortage woes

    Honestly losing AFM on those trucks is probably a blessing in disguise for the customers. GM's Active Fuel Management has been problematic with piston blow-bys and collapsed lifters since the Generation III LS/Generation IV LT motors. Totally not worth the nearly negligible 1 MPG benefit at the...
  13. Fuel Economy of OBX vs Badlands

    Totally can't wait for the eleventy billionth 'Which intake is better' threads. I'm excited.
  14. 99 Broncos were built at MAP last month

    Either crushed or put in a museum for display. It's not in Ford's best interest to sell these out of liability issues -- if someone decides to drive it and crash it without any emissions or safety certification, Ford can be held legally accountable.
  15. Why No Published MPG ?

    Not looking good if you're expecting 20 MPG combined/average out of the Bronco, especially if you're getting a Badlands or Sasquatch. Unless your Sierra is on 33"/35" tires and really short gears (4.30 or above), get ready to whack 2-3 MPG right off of each MPG figure for the Bronco if you're...
  16. Cactus Gray Black Diamond 2 Door Quick Video

    Yes, it will be sold in Europe as well. I think they get the clear taillights opposed to our red ones as well.
  17. Texas Bronco logo

    Here you go.
  18. 2021 Bronco Accessories List + Pricing & Part Numbers [PDF]

    BTW, the dash cams Ford offers in no different than the ones you can buy from anywhere, it just comes with a T-harness that powers off the vehicle's OBDII port.
  19. [Updated] 2021 Bronco Order Bank Starts 1/19-20 + Production and Delivery Timeline (From Ford Web Meeting Today)!

    CRM = Customer Relationship Management. This is the software interface for archiving customer information and sending communication to them. For example, the interface on Ford's website where you can log in and look at your reservation information would be a CRM; what they're saying in this...
  20. Maisto Unveils 1:24 Scale Bronco Badlands 2-Door

    Man you guys are losing your touch...nobody called out the Sasquatch flares on an otherwise standard Badlands?