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  1. Brand Manager says no white tops MY21 - what are planning to do if you had a color that was picked for a white top combo? Probably impacts AMB camp I know the owner and they are planning on making for the Bronco.
  2. Dealership "Bronco Specialists" to Attend Off-Roadeo in Austin Starting March 1, 2021

    They’ve probably come to the realization that the first wave of us know more about the bronco than their “bronco specialists” ever will. This training is so they can seem knowledgeable for future buyers.
  3. Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    If that’s white they missed a few coats.
  4. Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    I definitely don’t think that is a white top. Just the light playing tricks on MIC. The white we’ve seen on tops is super vibrant and glossy. The contrast between the white film on the side of the broncos and the top is too drastic.
  5. Assembly Line Video of 2 and 4 Door Broncos

    That gray top is hard to figure out. Looks horrible on that red and the white we saw. Tolerable on black and hopefully won’t look too bad on AMB. I thought it actually looked pretty good on the cactus gray when we thought it had green. Now that it looks like concrete gray I don’t think that will...
  6. SPOTTED: 2-door Bronco Outerbanks tester in Denver, next to F-150

    This confirms to me 33s will fit no problem.
  7. Would you trade in your current vehicle for a Bronco?

    I have a 2005 Wrangler and a growing family. Doesn’t make sense to keep but I love it and want to pass it to my son at some point. It’s also a 4.0, manual, rare color, low miles, great condition. I think it has potential to increase in value.
  8. Microsoft Xbox talk

    Game pass is $15 a month including Xbox live gold. Tons of games on it. I definitely think it’s a great value and just getting better. EA play is being added as well as all the Bethesda games. Costs $5 for Xbox live gold so Game pass itself is an extra $10. $240 for the 2 years and $500 for the...
  9. Smoking (BBQ etc) thread. Not grilling 😎

    and the finished product... stupid good
  10. Smoking (BBQ etc) thread. Not grilling 😎

    Got this monster tritip going on the recteq (rectec) tomorrow morning before church. Injected it tonight and will be smoking it up to 210ish and serving chopped brisket style. Ridiculously good, can’t recommend it enough.
  11. Another local dealership response PARKWAY Ford

    I get A/Z as well and my dealership Chuck Anderson Ford said Ford has confirmed and they will be honoring.
  12. Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    is that chimichurri?
  13. Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    try this sometime. Cooked it all the way up to about 210 when it felt like butter. I thought I liked tritip before... this was a whole different level. Better than brisket honestly and much better portion size for my family of 3
  14. Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    looks really good. What temp did you pull that at? On Labor Day I decided to cook tritip like brisket instead of pulling at medium rare. My goodness... I will never do anything but chopped “brisket” with tritip again