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  1. Chaos_273

    Just remember - this is a rival, not a clone (to Jeep Wrangler)

    Unfortunately, I feel like Ford tried too hard to beat Jeep by adopting many of its characteristics. I said before that styling was my only deal breaker, and the back end, flares, and tailgate have left me disappointed. I don’t want a Jeep, but that’s basically what this is.
  2. Chaos_273

    So only 15.8 MPG?

    Also looks like the tire pressure sensor light is on, so they may be aired down.
  3. Chaos_273

    Yeah! Velocity Blue

    Wish I could double like this.
  4. Chaos_273

    Yeah! Velocity Blue

    I assumed it was cactus grey at dusk. I certainly hope velocity is much brighter than that, anyway.
  5. Chaos_273

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    I’d like to trade rock crawl for sport, won’t be crawling, but I want both sport and Baja.
  6. Chaos_273

    Hammock inside the truck

    Lunch break, smoke break, “meetings”, the possibilities are endless!
  7. Chaos_273

    Hammock inside the truck

    You can’t have “no” in your heart! There’s gotta be a way!
  8. Chaos_273

    Hammock inside the truck

    There was a 2-door version too, I just screen grabbed the 4-door cause that’s what I want.
  9. Chaos_273

    Does anyone want ECO mode

    I mean if I’m road tripping I’d probably use it to maximize my mileage, or at least get a placebo effect and *feel* like it was better mileage.
  10. Chaos_273

    Hammock inside the truck

    So I’m starting to like targeted advertising. This just came across my radar, and if they come out with one of these for the bronco, it would be amazing! Bimini top/hammock, works with a hard top too! Count me in!
  11. Chaos_273

    Black Diamond color on Fords website?

    Man if it looks like that Mach-E, that is a sexy color (despite being a “boring” gray)
  12. Chaos_273

    How ford should approach the v8 bronco platform (hold your chairs)

    Yeah I’m not sure what the engine’s got to do with it either, not my thread. I do love the two tone and retro paint schemes though.
  13. Chaos_273

    How ford should approach the v8 bronco platform (hold your chairs)

    For the record, I don’t care which motor is in the thing, I just want it to look like the type of Broncos I prefer, which these renders do. Love the shape of the back on this, it’s so distinctly Bronco.
  14. Chaos_273

    How ford should approach the v8 bronco platform (hold your chairs)

    Well dang, but thanks for posting! Those renders definitely have a great look to them.
  15. Chaos_273

    How ford should approach the v8 bronco platform (hold your chairs)

    If you happen to get bored, a black Eddie Bauer is my preferred render, haha.
  16. Chaos_273

    Black Diamond + Mid vs. OuterBanks

    Yeah Outer Banks might be worth a look, I can’t wait for that build and price tool to figure all this out! Right now I’m leaning towards just keeping my truck and waiting for a redesign or Raptor version, but I also know as soon as I see someone driving one I’ll have didn’t-buy-it-remorse.
  17. Chaos_273

    Aftermarket angled hardtop / tailgate

    in a perfect world, I’d like for the spare to be on a separate swing out rack. Helps relieve the weight being on the gate, and lets you have the best part of a truck, tailgating! It’s a built in table, workshop, etc, and the nostalgia of every previous Bronco having truck roots. It just feels...