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  1. Hkak45

    A/X Plans won't be launch?

    Lmao not to toot your own horn or anything 😂 let’s take a moment to watch you pat yourself on the back🥳🎉👏 All jokes aside it is fun to go back and look at previous threads about these topics
  2. Hkak45

    Not gonna lie...starting to get cold feet.

    Just throwing this out there but no matter what happens in the US your job will be safe. Trust me on this one. Either way you will win in your field
  3. Hkak45

    Build Ford..... Proud?

    This is a great answer. I agree on your points and I for one was very proud to stand behind Ford as they stepped up to make PPE and ventilators. Being the only US car maker to not accept bail out also made me proud for them and is why I try to buy Ford over others. With that said I still think...
  4. Hkak45

    Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    Honestly the 4Runner would be a better overland vehicle if you are going long trips or with other people in the car. I have a 19 TRD Off Road 4Runner that I went over landing/ off roading around upper Michigan this month and it was awesome. The 4Runner looks smaller on the outside but damn if I...
  5. Hkak45

    Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    See you later. Good luck with your FCA or whatever you end up with. Ford is taking their time to get it right. No one, other than us on this site, is getting mad there is no B&P yet. Ford said from the start we will order December and receive it starting June. They are dotting all their I and...
  6. Hkak45

    Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    Most of you are forgetting with his riddle just means it will be out BY then hopefully.... meaning Monday or Tuesday it will be out and by Friday you will still be pricing the goat. Didn’t say it would be the same day🤠
  7. Hkak45

    What do we know about this seemingly new line of Goodyear tire?

    I really really want to support Goodyear as they are the true American tire company but every single Goodyear I had on vehicles were good traction but damn if they didn’t get dry rotted and start cracking about a year or two after buying new. And they were all on garage kept cars.
  8. Hkak45

    Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    Well I’m getting a Mole removed that I will be celebrating 10/20 at 12:01 PM (central time) so I’m assuming he is talking about that
  9. Hkak45

    Any Data on reservation drop outs?

    I agree that after B&P we will have a lot drop off with the sticker shock. Then a lot of threads complaining about minor details and why that’s the real reason they aren’t getting the bronco (to make themselves sleep better at night) and then after all that I’m sure we can gather some data on...
  10. Hkak45

    Sasquatch package a really good deal?

    You want to have the look and save some money do what most Jeeps do... put some cheap rough country lift on it and buy my 35 wheels off my Sasquatch (since I want 33’s) and then you have yourself that look. There will most likely be many 35’s for sale with low miles when people upgrade up or...
  11. Hkak45

    Ford explains why no manual with 2.7L Bronco

    I feel the same way as you! I would say as others have said before is get the manual trans now. Let’s say a year down the line you decide you should have went with the 2.7L... ok trade it in later on and get a 2.7L. lets look at the other way around. You buy the 2.7L and drive it for a year or...
  12. Hkak45

    Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    This is what I was going to say. Y’all are acting like Ford has 5 employees.... obviously these ones testing the new prototype vehicles are not the same ones making the Bronco nor are they the same ones coding the B&P. I think some need to take a chill pill and remember there are hundreds if not...
  13. Hkak45

    Irritates Me To See Bronco Warthog

    I love it because that means I can be safe getting my manual version now and then in 10 years when the warthog (just kidding) comes out I can get the warthog because I will bet anything it will be auto only
  14. Hkak45

    Soon? Bronco Nation Interiors/Materials Video?

    So what the heck is C&M?? I’m getting so tired of these acronyms. I hear enough horrible ones with my agency I don’t need even more lol (and I’m not even old so don’t try to boomer me😂)
  15. Hkak45


    We could probably make a list for those that have a FE but decided not to use it to swap it for someone in the same area that wants a FE but only has a regular reserved. I know you can’t transfer but let’s say I have a FE and am not using it and someone else in IL reserved at the same time for a...
  16. Hkak45

    canceled my bronco reservation in hopes of a Bronco pickup.

    That is what a majority or people want. Just go to any city area or suburb and look at all the purty polished trucks out there that have never had the bed touched. For some reason (other than enthusiasts and most of us here) people must just like having that bed to say they have a truck and then...
  17. Hkak45

    Build and Price Launching Tonight at 12:01

    Have you ever played the Sneak King Burger King games they used to sell years ago? Those games were so funny
  18. Hkak45

    GM says the Silverado/GMC are now outselling the F150!

    Sorry I should have said it differently. I love the column shifter like I have on my F150... the difference for me was the new Chevy ones they feel like they are going to break every time I shift and a lot of them come in that 1990’s grey color like all the 90’s Chevy interiors had. The other...