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  1. X plan bye bye TN & N GA people

    I am waiting till the B&P comes out but was planning on using Stephens. Lithia Springs Ford keeps advertising on FB as having $1000 below invoice, but nothing on their website about it and almost $700 in doc fees
  2. What problems do you have with your late model ford that you hope do not infect the new Bronco?

    Honestly, I haven’t had an issue with it. I only put 20k miles on it though
  3. What problems do you have with your late model ford that you hope do not infect the new Bronco?

    My 2005 Mustang GT, clutch pack replaced after rear end went out at 5k miles. AC broke more than once. I knew better than to buy a first model year which really worries me about the bronco 2008 expedition, no issues. Tranny had a weird sound when shifting. Sold it cheap to a buddy three years...
  4. Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    This is great news Mike! Thank you ....this does complicate my decision though. I was dead set on a BB manual plus Mid. Now I’m thinking AMB base squatch
  5. Lithia Springs Ford offering below invoice?

    Saw this on my news feed but not sure how legit it is (I’ve only dealt with Wade, Krause, and Jim Tidwell in the past) $1000 below invoice?
  6. Why are you choosing 2 or 4 door Bronco? Which will have better resale value?

    if you have kids on the way and no other vehicle, get the 4 door. Child seats are a PITA with only two doors not to mention the extra gear you lug around in the back I haven’t ordered yet either but when I do, I’m going two door. We already have a 7 seat SUV and a 4 door F150. Two kids is it...
  7. 4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    I am having the same concerns about the 2.3 since I would want a manual. However, my wife drives a 4400 lb Mazda CX-9 with a turbo 4. 227 hp and 310 tq and that thing moves! It’s been a great car with no issues of weight vs HP or reliability We also have two coyotes (mustang and 150) and...
  8. Using Bluetooth with a convertible

    Question for those with Jeeps or convertibles with bluetooth How difficult is it to hear or use the hands free phone and navigation? can you hear Or use the phone with the top down and doors off? Can they hear you? it’s been years since I had a convertible and they didn’t have Bluetooth
  9. Should I upgrade to a higher model from Base 4 door

    What’s with the navigation subscription? Is that for the trail nav? My F150 XLT has navigation that I don’t pay for
  10. Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    Quick question The Sync 4 system that is standard in the Base model, does it come with Navigation, Bluetooth, Sat radio etc? Or is it just CarPlay? Similar to the difference between the F150 XL and XLT systems This makes a difference for me choosing between the Base and Big Bend. I want...
  11. Hello from Atlanta

    Never been there. Got my Mustang from Wade (through military auto sales) and the F150 from Jim Tidwell
  12. Hello from Atlanta

    New here. I’d regret getting rid of that as well, it looks awesome. im up in Cherokee county. Which dealer do you work for?
  13. New from North Georgia

    Hey Always been a Bronco fan and own two Fords right now. I’m selling my Mustang to get a Bronco later. I haven’t reserved anything but am hoping to get a base with Sasquatch or a Big Bend with mid package, all depending on price and the wife.