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  1. Crowza

    2021 Bronco NOT Eligible For X-Plan (Official Document Confirmation) [Update: Confirmed by Ford]

    If this is true, then the real question is whether Granger and Stephens can remain at $1,300 under for X-Plan users or if they will have to remove the extra $300?
  2. Crowza

    Broncos on Display December 3rd at Sheehy Ford of Richmond!!

    Dave, Can you tell us which editions (2DR and 4DR) and what colors you will have on hand? Thanks!
  3. Crowza

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    There is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car about 15 minutes past Stephens in Chapmanville, WV.
  4. Crowza

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I've taken Amtrack to/from DC to Charleston before. It's an easy drive to Stephens from the Amtrack station. Shorter than from Yeager (CRW), but not by much. 20-30 minutes from the train station to Stephens and about 25-35 minutes from Yeager (CRW). I would suggest getting an Uber or Lyft...
  5. Crowza

    Stephens Auto "Roll-Call"

    Reservation Date: 07/19/2020 Switched to Stephens: 08/31/2020 Reservation ID: 10300662 Location: Charleston, WV
  6. Crowza

    Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    This 100%. I love the design of the new Bronco, but if it was automatic only - I would not buy one, period.
  7. Crowza

    Check for availability of the Bronco build & price site (Linux Script)

    You can use this under the Windows Subsystem for Linux using Ubuntu, Kali or Debian. If you use Windows to download the file, copy it and then dos2unix to convert the file properly (otherwise it won't run). sudo apt install dos2unix cp /mnt/c/Users/USERNAME/Downloads/bronco.txt ./
  8. Crowza

    X Plan Benefits

    @StephensAutoCenter is charging $100 for X-Plan document fees (which is capped at $100 by Ford). If you don't have the X-Plan, then I believe the fees are in the $265 range (or whatever WV caps the dealer fees at by law)... I'm not sure about Granger..
  9. Crowza

    Ford explains why no manual with 2.7L Bronco

    That is the same stupid reasoning that makes every vehicle look practically identical across different brands. I don't even know how they got the Bronco approved with that kind of mentality. If they are worried about demand, why don't they just offer a manual V6 exclusively with a reservation...
  10. Crowza

    Lightning Blue Announced Exclusively For Bronco First Edition!

    I couldn't even read the thread, I just had to post first.. I mean, seriously, how many freaking blue colors do we have now? .. Going back and reading the thread for the first time now. :)
  11. Crowza

    Lightning Blue Announced Exclusively For Bronco First Edition!

    I'm sorry, I know people who love blue.... but, ENOUGH BLUE. We get it, Ford. Can't we have a single green or tan choice? OMG.
  12. Crowza

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    Did anyone else notice this in the official video: What does this tweet have to do with Sasquatch? Does this mean the manual option will now be available across...
  13. Crowza

    4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    (Looks at the Bronco test mule photos) Soooo... Any advice on off-roading and avoiding cosmetic damage? I assume, the advice would be "only do easy trails" and probably no rock climbing... But I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the subject? (Looks at the Bronco test mule...
  14. Crowza

    Ford trademarks WARTHOG name!

    I'm not a millennial and yet - it still better live up to the name..
  15. Crowza

    Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    I did two mockups to color correct the grey on the 3D models and to add an upgraded bumper and mid package to the Big Bend. One has the Big Bend grey grill, the other a black and they both have the upgraded LED lighting. They are slightly different shades in each picture. But I was trying to...
  16. Crowza

    What song will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    For those picking up at @StephensAutoCenter in West Virginia, no other first song will do:
  17. Crowza

    Q&A and Pics From Bronco Super Celebration West – Day 2 (by irv0735)

    Can you clarify with them that the Badlands sticker being a final design is not the artwork that is final but the fact that it is not a badge?
  18. Crowza

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    If you get a chance on the way in or the way out of West Virginia, if you can take The Greenbrier Cold War bunker tour, it is worth it: The declassified Bunker at The Greenbrier is a must-see experience that takes you behind...