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  2. Speedometer correction with tuner / programmer?

    Can a tuner calibrate for changing tire sizes? I'm used to obd1 cars.
  3. Turbo engine oil cooking prevention?

    I hope there is an option for the pump that runs when you shut the motor off. I quit buying turbos back in the 90s. That's about when I first saw this option. I think on the Diamond Star Motors cars. Talon, Eclipse and Lasers. Is this something to worry about?
  4. Auto Transmission price figured out

    I searched but didn't see this already posted. I noticed on that build thread the 4 door Base can only have an auto trans. My reservation says my 4 dr base has auto trans also. I didn't add that when I reserved. If you subtract the price on the Big Bend, Black Diamond and Badlands between 2...
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