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  1. Arm Out the Window - How Does it Score?

    It is absolutely a deal breaker for me if you cannot hang your arm out. You get in, sit down, test the arm and if the sill is too high you get out, thank the sales guy and go home.
  2. Any Arm Hang Updates?

    It's important to me. Driving a Jeep JK is perfect based on the window height. If that's not possible here it changes the experience considerably.
  3. Any Arm Hang Updates?

    This is encouraging!
  4. Any Arm Hang Updates?

    Doors on scenario: Am I going to be able to hang my left arm out the window comfortably, or is the sill too high making me feel like I'm trapped in a steel box?
  5. Bronco colorizer now shows standard roofs on the 2 door

    Another reason to wait a year or two while they sort out these issues.
  6. 2 Door Soft Top??

    I'm really not interested to jury-rig something here, and I don't want a hard top that I don't need and don't have room to store. I think it's better just to take a pass for now and wait until Ford fixes this.
  7. 2 Door Soft Top??

    No soft top on the 2 door is a deal breaker for me. Can't understand what Ford was thinking.
  8. Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    Soft top on the 2 door? Can I order the Black Diamond wheels and put them on the base model?
  9. 2021 Bronco Prices (2 Door, 4 Door) and Trims Comparison

    Can you get the soft top on the 2-door as an option?