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  1. Bison

    New Negotiation Strategy

    You sure you want to leave Texas?? Everyone that I have met from Texas always moves back. Just saying!
  2. Bison

    (VIDEO) Multiple Bronco Warthogs on the road with closeups [TFL]

    Got to give credit when credit is due. Nice no nonsense video from tfl. It was like videos of old that I didn’t mind watching.
  3. Bison

    Lord give me strength

    Can’t go wrong with Toyota. Wouldn’t blame you with this long If a wait. This bronco is going to be pretty sweet though.
  4. Bison

    Will your Bronco be your first manual vehicle?

    they did surgery on one of my arms. Couldn’t use it for for 3 months. It didn’t do anything So I didn’t operate on the other. I found other means of getting along but less activity is way better for me and driving a stick is a lot of movement.
  5. Bison

    Will your Bronco be your first manual vehicle?

    1947 Chevrolet grain truck 1953 ford grain truck 1982 Chevy s-10 Festiva Aspire Vw diesel jetta learned on the grain trucks and been driving since 10. Taken out of school during harvest like most farm kids for about a month. Driven everything that’s got wheels and tracks just about. getting...
  6. Bison

    Irritates Me To See Bronco Warthog

    Not irritated at all. Wife gets the badlands and later I get a warthog. It would have irritated me if it came out first because then she would get the wart hog and I would be stuck with the badlands. Lol I guess in the end the kids are taking them from us and we both are SOL!!
  7. Bison

    Do You Get Your Vehicles Serviced at Dealerships?

    Dealers have the most incompetent mechanics around. There are very few that are good and your lucky if your car makes it to that guy. I worked in a lot of dealerships and found those good mechanics and had them work on my vehicles on the side. Now they are retired and I have no mechanic. I...
  8. Bison

    Tube doors Poll

    We will have them sooner or later.
  9. Bison

    VIdeos: Bronco frame, chassis, suspension demo unit

    it not the best thing to do. A guy took his off his Fj for a trail and rear spring shot out.
  10. Bison

    Bronco Overland Concept Revealed! With Live Debut Video & Pics From Super Celebration East

    Well with all the nah sayers and boo hooers, I guess Area 51 is probably second best if not best colors after all. Little disappointed in the lift for the 35’s but I guess if it doesn’t rub it’s fine.
  11. Bison

    More Preproduction Broncos Completed -- Area 51 Wildtrak, Race Red Badlands, Rapid Red Big Bend, Cyber Orange OBX, Oxford White OBX, Iconic Silver

    Now that’s the Area 51 I was hoping for. Looks way different when it’s on a truck that’s taking steroids. 100% Area 51 for us.
  12. Bison

    Thankful for the Bronco Team!

    Nice write up. There just isn’t anything that compares to this thing besides jeep. You win some and lose some on that battle but it’s the proper fit for my house.
  13. Bison

    New Area 51 pic has me shook

    cactus with white grill, top, and interior is pretty sharp. I just hope Area 51 doesn’t disappoint.
  14. Bison

    New Area 51 pic has me shook

    It looks good on the sport but it left me wanting. Once you put 35’s on a real bronco and it’s got a black top and wheels it’s going to look amazing. Cactus is my second favorite color for the 4 door. If we were getting a 2 door it would be cyber orange.
  15. Bison

    Granger Ford - Posting reviews...

    That’s why most dealerships suck. Shady as heck!! Might just go to granger for the crap they are taking.
  16. Bison


    Rear Lower control arms from an Fj I think on jaws 3 from Blanca in Colorado. At least he had a buddy in Denver willing to drive 4 hours to deliver. Made for a long morning to get it fixed up.
  17. Bison

    Main reason you purchasing the Bronco? (POLL)

    Wife wanted an off road vehicle and my Fj is tired, kids are bigger, and 4 doors just makes sense. 4 runner is a bear to add a front bumper and jeeps are so rough riding it’s not that much fun. If we can get the ride quality of the 4 runner and easy modding, open air experience like the jeep...
  18. Bison

    Share your favorite business jargon

    Clear as mud.
  19. Bison

    Status Symbol Complex

    An old wheeler friend of mine now has sxs’s. A lot easier and very capable.
  20. Bison

    Status Symbol Complex

    If people are getting there feelings hurt about trim levels here, wait until the jeep and solid axel guys out in the real world get ahold of you. It ain’t gonna be pretty. A little ribbing here will get you ready for what’s about to happen out there.