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  1. From Ford Authority

    I hoped that would get a couple laughs. :cwl: In all seriousness though, and though it may be blasphemous, I would love to see an all electric one with some serious output numbers. I don't really give a crap about having an ICE since electric motors can produce insane amounts of torque and...
  2. From Ford Authority

    The only thing we have to get excited about is the fact that the bronco is coming back. If you're worried about that mule we've seen driving around and think the production unit will look like that then I think we need to worry about you.
  3. From Ford Authority

    Personally, I would like to see a fully electric bronco and they can just put some huge speakers underneath with that old V8 with a true dual exhaust sound coming out.
  4. "Bronco Scout" Trademarked by Ford - Baby Bronco or 2021 Bronco Trim?

    They could get crazy with the names too. How about a horse, bird dinosaur name like, the Bronco Falcon Ichthyosaur? Or Bronco Falcon Platypus/Shark/Croc. Some sort of Australian model with a V8 and set up for 60" water fording. :rockon:
  5. Possible Patent for 2021 Bronco Removable Doors With Impact Beam

    That's a very good point about the assembly being done somewhere else and easily changeable during production. I assumed, based on the past history of most vehicles, that the doors are always the same on each model. Your point does remind me that the Bronco had options for full, half or no...
  6. Possible Patent for 2021 Bronco Removable Doors With Impact Beam

    I'd say there's a pretty good chance it's a standard thing. I don't imagine they'd make removable doors an option if they're up against Jeep and basically building tune doors into regular doors would give them a one up on Jeep for sure. . It would be much more cost effective and time efficient...