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  1. Johnny Bravado

    Paint color samples / swatches in sunlight (all 2021 Bronco exterior colors)

    Unless the roof is black I'm still going with Oxford White
  2. Johnny Bravado

    The Bike Thread

    The color and the low/no maintenance belt drive with internal hub were everything i could want/need. Really worked out
  3. Johnny Bravado

    The Bike Thread

    Got this after my single speed was stolen. I coveted this thing for two years and scored a great deal on it. Great for tooling around the city and picking up speed when I want to
  4. Johnny Bravado

    Possible group buy - Mich

    My dealer will be accepting A-Plan so it'd have to beat that. Been a bit. Been a couple weeks, what'd they come back with?
  5. Johnny Bravado

    The Dog Thread

    Little, Poet Anderson, and Rebel Girl
  6. Johnny Bravado

    Michigan Roll Call

    Detroit here. Looking at 2-Door BD with Mid package, upgrade tires/suspension if need be. Daily driving this thing after nearly 20 years in a Focus. Would love to meet up with a group in the city
  7. Johnny Bravado

    2 door Bronco and new options added to Interactive Garage builder

    Basically what I did but bigger tires and step rails. It looks incredible. Simple is a classic style for a reason
  8. Johnny Bravado

    New Ford Visa Credit Card with 5% off Dealership Purchases

    A credit card can absolutely be the answer in numerous scenarios - especially the one where you pay in full each month. If there's incentive and you can pay your bills with your card (most of mine are set up this way) then why not take advantage of the extras you can accumulate? I've gone on...
  9. Johnny Bravado

    2 door Bronco and new options added to Interactive Garage builder

    This would be absolute heaven - no wheels on there were better than the steely rim!
  10. Johnny Bravado

    2 door seats don’t fold flat?

    Agree - my partner is not into cars at all and loved watching that video bc of them
  11. Johnny Bravado

    Bronco colorizer now shows standard roofs on the 2 door

    Derp. And for clarity, the grey hardtop looks awful
  12. Johnny Bravado

    Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    Goodness that looks awful - what a way to ruin that amazing orange
  13. Johnny Bravado

    Bronco colorizer now shows standard roofs on the 2 door

    I know soft top is standard on 4-door, but this sure looks like a hard top (glossy, reflection). As displayed, the hard top color is awful
  14. Johnny Bravado

    what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    Partner just got a 2020 Ranger (love it) I drive a 2012 Focus SEL hatchback that I also love. Was planning on keeping it pretty much forever until the Bronco was introduced.
  15. Johnny Bravado

    Standard vs. Signature Lighting

    I had the vinyl seats/interior on my Ranger Edge way back in 2003 and it was incredible. It appears the quality has only increased since then - it's one of the BD selling points for me
  16. Johnny Bravado

    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    Sure it'd be great if they turn out to be easily removable, but I absolutely care about using the rear seats on my 2-door. It'll be great having friends ride along to the beach or tooling around on a beautiful day, but that doesn't mean I need to drop thousands more for a 4-door since it's my...
  17. Johnny Bravado

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Yup, that was my first choice when reserving. Those "live" pics we've been seeing make me scratch my head. I don't want black, and if I did, I'd order black.
  18. Johnny Bravado

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    2-Door Black Diamond for me so I can have the vinyl. I had that in my old Ford Ranger Edge and it was by far the best interior, in looks and ease of care. The Mid Package is probably a go for me too, and if i do anything to wheels/tires that'll be aftermarket at much lower tag. Velocity Blue...