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  1. The Sketch Monkey redesigns 74 Bronco into new Bronco

    That is a really good design. My only gripes with it are things an owner could change like the bumper. The grill could use something different too, something more or less, not sure. Maybe just a chrome trim (or lights strip in this day and age) around the FORD lettering. Those are minor...
  2. Bronco Mud Testing in Georgia

    Yeah but the rear is high so you can haul something and still be a good level for safety and visibility when loaded. Its fine to have the rear lower in a smaller vehicle like a car because the nose is closer to the ground overall and often heavily sloped so you can see whats directly infront of...
  3. Memorial Weekend Fun In Colorado

    Im no diesel mechanic but air or debris in the fuel lines can get ya like that. Or like chrispy said. gremlins. You didnt feed it after dark did ya?
  4. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Yeah they can use the axle from the troller, but the suspension would be something redesigned special for the bronco since its such a big deal. Not saying it couldnt happen, but they dont do anything anybody wants anymore for cheap.
  5. Memorial Weekend Fun In Colorado

    Ive largely had old fords, and i have had breakdowns aplenty. But most of my fords break down within 2 mile of home or a parts store!
  6. Memorial Weekend Fun In Colorado

    Very nice ive just been cutting trees all day around the yard. Tomorrow i get to beat down the newly opened yard with my cj though
  7. Bronco Mud Testing in Georgia

    I personally have never understood why people like having the front end of their truck up higher than the rear. Even to the point that they sell leveling kits to raise the front only. It reminds me of people driving with their seats laid back. But everybody else these days likes sticking their...
  8. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Yeah but taking the time to engineer the suspension and install it and the fact that it would surely be a all high end stuff, long arms, fancy shocks, etc. Especially if it was assembled at a different facility. Then they gotta make a profit. That and they know the hardcore offroaders that...
  9. New Email from B Ronco

    The distant future will likely be something like nuclear power but its likely that the power production model will evolve as we reach efficiency. Thats where the research money needs to go. The only safe way to store/dispose any hazardous byproduct is to figure out a way to use it. If spent fuel...
  10. New Email from B Ronco

    I do actually sell supervolcano insurance. I also take trades aswell I can sell you a 1,000,000 dollar policy for title transfer of any 2021 Ford convertible SUV.
  11. New Email from B Ronco

    Ive personally always looked forward to the day when nobody wants gas anymore. Then I can put a bored and stroked 460 with dual predator carbs on my lawn mower. My road cars will get real engines like Allison V12s! My daily drive will run a Mr. Fusion unit though for the mileage.
  12. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    I had the same hopes about the size but with more of the EB style layed on it. And I did some eyeball measuring one the factory floor pic next to the ranger. It appear just a touch taller and a touch wider. I also have parked my stock height 96 next to the new rangers and they are basically the...
  13. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Sorry never had or rode in a square eye heep. Had 4 cjs though. a 4cyl, 2 6cyls, and a 360. All manuals, all manual steering, all rusty but everywhere I wheeled I went the farthest. Never could afford a EB but tried to trade a hotrod for one for a lil while but the guy wanted a daily car...
  14. Is having a spare tire on the back rear door simply a styling trend?

    Ever been off road out of cell service(doesnt take far) with your new girlfriend? You sure do look alot better slapping that spare one in less than however long you tell her it'll take, than telling her shes gonna have to walk back down that muddy road you took her on for fun.
  15. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    The wranglers(every cj guy will tell ya they arent real jeeps) havent had a tailgate since 97. So they must not be jeeps. Right? Nothing on the JK JL screams jeep to me, sure they have removable doors and tops, but they dont have flat metal fenders with small plastic flares(atleast on the...
  16. How Important is The Scope of a Brand?

    My two cents is that if you cant find one part from a company that only maked "X" brand parts that will work on your "Y" brand anything, then you are doing the hobby wrong. Every company has a specialty but that doesnt mean it has to be speacialized!
  17. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Yep forgot about that "fact" lol. My bad everyone. I totally forgot about the troller. I suppose I put it out of my mind given the likelyhood I will never get to drive one. Self defense mechanism. Well then if they got an axle that meets all the modern requirements then it shouldnt cost all that...
  18. he's right.....

    Just like pulling out, still better than nothing ;)
  19. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Yeah an axle mounting kit is pretty easy take a look at jeep long arm swap kits. Just basic bolt on setups. The hard part is the fact that ford doesnt offer a solid front axle in anything of appropriate size and ratings. So they would have to have one built for them for in small quantity(not...
  20. New Ford Bronco Near St. Louis: Coming Soon!

    Great, thankyou very much. And thankyou for positive thought of my wife. She is amazing and am so thankful of how physically strong (she builds houses) before the cancer and how much that has helped her fight through everything so far. She is only a handful of light chemo treatments away from...