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  1. Rick Astley

    Schedule of Bronco Colors to be Released on other vehicles by Year-End

    We still don't have confirmation from Ford that the color and paint process is the same between the colors. Ford also hasn't released the official paint formulation out to the world. Just their generic "NE" which won't get you anywhere currently. 2021 Ford paint color codes for Bronco The...
  2. Rick Astley

    200 Factory-Backed Accessories

    For all the people with tow package questions, I already answered them on page 7 (post 105) of this thread with detailed info from Ranger, what's included and pricing. It's quoted in this post as well (see the first quote, expand it down if you don't want to go to page 7), I suggest you read it...
  3. Rick Astley

    Replacing the class II hitch

    I wish you alllllllllll the best of luck with your sawzall on that boron steel cage! Never discount a skilled welder. And keep your women away from him at all costs! Any skilled welder achieves 100% penetration every time!
  4. Rick Astley

    200 Factory-Backed Accessories

    Continuing to use Ranger as the example, the tow package is actually quite worth it from the factory. Yes, it's "just" wires, but Ford put a strange canon plug on the 4/7 pin harness and you had to run it from the cabin back if DIY. It ends up being about $100 ish in parts if you wanted to make...
  5. Rick Astley

    Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    My junk isn't small enough to need that in my driveway for virtue-signaling the neighborhood of my virility. Don't forget though, the taxpayer wants to chip in on your $100,000+ electric rig!!!!! Because the taxpayer should always, ALWAYS, have to assist the wealthy in affording expensive toys.
  6. Rick Astley

    Spotted: Cyber Orange 2 Door Badlands w/ MIC Hardtop

    Cyber Yellow is looking way too orange to be yellow in this lighting. ;) Those tricky tri-coats always tricking people with their vast range of appearance.
  7. Rick Astley

    Muscle Car Owners Poll

    I've never owned an American car new enough to be a Muscle Car. That being said, I won't be trading in either of my current classics for the Bronco, but letting the company car lease expire and replace that with Bronco for daily driving and getting more wheel time in the rainy months via...
  8. Rick Astley

    Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    sorry, you're correct, was trying to actually work while also forum typing....
  9. Rick Astley

    Positivity thread!

    On the note of positive reinforcement: I positively called out that this forum would become a S-show once peoples unrealistic feelings of victimization come out at every step of this process. Now, keeping with the positive theme, it hasn't even gotten that bad on here yet! Membership is only...
  10. Rick Astley

    Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Some notes: The catalytic converters will most likely be built into the exhaust manifold pre and post turbo as it is with the Ranger and Mustang. You won't be pulling those out unless you're also swapping turbos, replacing all manifolds and plumbing, plus stand alone ECU (based off what they...
  11. Rick Astley

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    I sure hope not! That would make the image they chose to "tease" with about 2-something months old. However, if it was from pre-LB, then it gives insight into just how much Ford has screwed the pooch with B&P.* * I have no problems with their launch, communications, leaks and events...
  12. Rick Astley

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    Had to use $8.23 because it's funny. FWIW, having purchased multiple cars cross-country and driven them home, X-plan wasn't going to save enough for the drive/hotels/food to deal with Granger or really anyone more than a state away. You learn a lot about a car when replacing a fuel pump at 3...
  13. Rick Astley

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    Here you go. Just got you back your $8.23 per month savings on that $63K Luxo-crawler. X-plan not canceled at this dealership - Not a Rick Roll! - On the flip side, if you were buying a $60,000 Tesla, the taxpayers would kick in $7,500 to help your bank account out.
  14. Rick Astley

    NFL colors and your Bronco

    Of course a Seahawks fan starts this thread..... Lived here (Seattle) my whole life and aside from the entire city going to hell in a hand basket, the only more reliable development than Amazonification is Seahawks fans devolving into being as obnoxious as Philadelphia sports fans. The bar was...
  15. Rick Astley

    Western US buyers group

    Because if a OR dealership either charges you your local sales tax rate, or the DOL hits you with your local sales tax rate when you title the car, you didn't really save anything now did you? One thing is for certain, you WILL pay WA sales tax on a vehicle purchased in OR. It just might not be...
  16. Rick Astley

    Western US buyers group

    If that was the case, simply choosing a better county's sales tax to order in would be nearly as good as $1K off! Being in Seattle, the sales tax rate here is ridiculous. But then you have to figure out the Bronco allocation by dealerships and weigh how many back-country dealerships will be...
  17. Rick Astley

    Western US buyers group

    +1 There is also the issue of repatriation of sales tax between OR/WA. That used to be a hassle the decades ago when I bought a car in OR. Not exactly sure how it works now.
  18. Rick Astley

    Ford Email Confirms Bronco Build & Price This Friday, October 23, Shows B&P Preview Image

    I have great faith in the B&P! Would have more faith if Lightning Blue had been available for the First Edition in their screen grab since that is, you know, the exclusive color for that trim level.
  19. Rick Astley

    Seattle Bronco media event

    Were you able to get any other secret info about what's going on with the filming and models?