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  1. Simmy

    New Ford Bronco Near St. Louis: Coming Soon!

    Notice the words “should” and “expected to” used throughout. Clearly, these are not based off official specs they’ve received. Just a dealer’s site they put up for SEO purposes probably.
  2. Simmy

    Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    Seems to be a Ford thing. The upcoming next gen F-150 still has them too, even though there's GPS antennas on the roof now. -
  3. Simmy

    While Bronco Reveal Delayed, Ford Was Busy With Project Apollo’s Brilliant Engineering For Coronavirus

    I like the reason they called it Project Apollo. Read this in an article: "Ford said its partnerships were code-named “Project Apollo” after the Apollo 13 launch in 1970 when a lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank failed two days into the mission, forcing the astronauts to improvise a...
  4. Simmy

    New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    Just posted this: Dealer Bulletin Confirms March 18 Official Reveal for Bronco! 🥳
  5. Simmy

    Dealer Bulletin Confirms March 18 Official Reveal for Bronco!?

    Lookie what a friend just forwarded me! Bulletin: Congratulations and welcome to the Bronco Readiness Program! We will use this distribution list to keep you and your dealership updated with important information as we approach the reveal and launch of the BRONCO. If you want to change the...
  6. Simmy

    2021 Bronco (U725) Production Headlight Photo

    Great first post! Thanks for sharing. Large circular headlight just as expected. The details look nice - like the sleek turn signal and reflector.
  7. Simmy

    Nine door related patents that could apply to 2021 Bronco

    I like the door carrier idea. Never have to decide whether to take doors off before leaving home. Hopefully that means the doors will be easily removable on the fly.
  8. Simmy

    Possible Patent for 2021 Bronco Removable Doors With Impact Beam

    Nice nod to safety, hope it's headed for the Bronco! The ability of a Jeep to drop its door completely has always seemed really fun to me but I've always had reservations about the safety aspect. This is a smart design that allows us chickens to ride with some safety measures intact, but also...
  9. Simmy

    U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    Exactly. The "representatives" at auto shows are often from 3rd party companies who are simply briefed on the bullet points of the models they're standing next to. They know nothing except what's already been published and announced by the company.
  10. Simmy

    The New Bronco Should Take customers from Toyota and GM

    Absolutely I'd personally care much more about off-road ability than towing. My point was just that I wouldn't be surprised if the Bronco tow rating ends up class leading since its competitors' tow ratings are nothing to brag about. As for how it compares in MPG to Wrangler and 4Runner, that...
  11. Simmy

    U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    @Administrator confirmed that this was a clay-model in post #18. I just hope they retained this shape/size for the final design.
  12. Simmy

    U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    YASSS! I was hoping this was an actual clay model and not just some rendering. Any idea if the final design holds close to this pre-freeze clay model?? Love this shape and size!
  13. Simmy

    The New Bronco Should Take customers from Toyota and GM

    The official preview teaser of the Bronco from Ford shows an upright boxy shape so I think they'll nail it styling wise. And with a V6 EcoBoost I think it should have good towing power... perhaps even class leading, which isn't hard considering the Wrangler and 4Runner don't tow much.
  14. Simmy

    U725 2021 MY Ford Bronco Information

    Hell ya we're getting the V6 2.7L Ecoboost from the F-150? Is it too much to hope for the 325hp / 400 lb-ft it generates in the 2018 F-150? Bless you @Carmaker1 :rockon:
  15. Simmy

    How much would you pay for a V8 in the Bronco?

    it's the freakin least they can do after deciding to not give us a Ranger Raptor :headbang::curse::explode:
  16. Simmy

    "Baby Bronco" Teased, Compare to 2020 Bronco

    Right, it's going to be built on a car platform and will compete with the Renegade. Ford would do well to give it some more rugged aspects compared to the Renegade, like more ground clearance for one.
  17. Simmy

    Most Important Bronco Design Features?

    Yea that was probably the best business decision they could have made for the 2020 Bronco. 2-door version to appease the traditionalists and 4-door to appease the rest of the market who actually need the space and utility from having 4 doors.
  18. Simmy

    Ford Spokesperson: 2020 Bronco is the Most Exciting Thing He’s Seen Ford Do!

    Did Ford say when they might be posting the next teaser? I just hope it keeps the shape and size of the Bronco under the tarp in their last teaser.