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  1. LoneStar

    Bronco Build & Price latest update: “by September” includes September

    Everyone should be prepared for a shitty experience. The "Early" Build & Price tool up about two weeks now for 2021 F-150 is a total p.o.s. catastrophe. It shows paint colors that are not available on certain trims and packages, it does not handle properly the coloring (or not) of bumpers and...
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    Punted for a 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4 pickup truck

    thanks! I got the FX4 package with more offroad capable front shocks, 3 skid plates, 3.73 locking rear, and Hill Decent / Rock crawl modes.
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    Punted for a 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4 pickup truck

    Look me up on the listing. :p
  4. LoneStar

    Punted for a 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4 pickup truck

    Here's the order summary. Over $70k MSRP but tick under $65 Invoice. With X-Plan likely around $63K. Will walk-away if I cannot find another grand in there somewhere to negotiate downward. Yeah, that's considerably more than most any configured Bronco except perhaps the FE pricing.
  5. LoneStar

    Punted for a 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4 pickup truck

    Staying in the Ford family but decided to go a more traditional route... '21 Ford F-150 Lariat Sport FX4 Supercrew with new 3.5-Hybrid and 7.2 kWatt onboard power. Reasoning: - I'm six years from retirement and want a rig to tow a "real" trailer with ease (6,000 lbs min.) - I can pay it off...
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    Bored on Friday Night

    .... kept waiting for the scene with the Bronco rescuing the Jeep....:coffee:
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    What to do with the ugly gray hard top???

    Plastidip color it with about a half dozen cans for around $50 bucks!
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    Hint at Red Interior/Colored Accents?

    That instrument cluster is interesting as well. I wonder if that's the "high-level panel" mentioned as standard equipment on OB and above trims. :unsure: Can't tell if that's a "hybrid" with fixed illuminated gauge(s) and TFT screen, or maybe the whole thing is an electronic display. Hard...
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    Packages and Driving Nannies

    Ford isn't even consistent on how they "package" this stuff. Playing around with the 2021 F-150 truck configurator and it clearly offers a stand-alone option for the 360-deg camera for $765. Although it does force getting the fancier side mirrors - likely needed for integrated cameras, so it...
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    2021 Bronco's 1st public appearance comes 9/9-12 at Bronco Super Celebration West in Colorado [2-Door and Sport will be displayed]

    Everyone who attends take HUNDREDS of photos and MINUTES of video to share.
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    Camouflaged topper on Bronco prototype a pop-up camper roof tent or power soft top?

    Fugly addition and ruins the vehicle lines. I mean who sleeps in their ride that much?
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    2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    thanks... here's the Lariat Sport interior in black leather with burgundy accents (perfect match!)
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    2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    Hey, that's close to exactly the 2021 F-150 Lariat Sport FX4 that I have on order right now! :ROFLMAO:
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    Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    I say the $700 MIC-gray hardtop looks decent enough with Cactus, and most likely Area-51 Would likely get some matching gray Plastidip and coat the fender flares and front grill.
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    Spotted: Bronco Badlands Sasquatch towing trailer with Outerbanks in the wild

    What I don't understand is why not make the MIC (molded-in color) White! There are photos of that Cactus Bronco with what sure looks like MIC white, not painted white. That CG rig with the whitish marine vinyl had a white hardtop that was white inside & out (MIC) Seems like such an easy way to...
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    Bronco Pricing Realities & Toyota Alternatives

    Another "near" future vehicle is a Ford alternative... the upcoming Ranger Raptor. Possible it will have entry pricing in the $50K range which puts it right there with most all Bronco trims above BD if you want a 4-dr and V6. And it may come with the new 3.0L high-output engine and tow range...
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    Petition Ford to RIGHT a WRONG!

    say what..
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    Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    Even more funky.... if you zoom in close on the 2-door colorizer images, you'll notice crude touch-up (or cover up) like bad photoshop with a shade pen line clearly visible in certain angle views. So not much credence can be taken from the shading or anything else related to top shown.
  19. LoneStar

    Custom vanity license plate anyone?

    Wish I would have switched to Edge sooner.... I wrestled in futility with Chrome for about two hours 🤬