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  1. Ground clearance

    No, all models have same Dana 44 in the rear, with or without Squatch.
  2. Ground clearance

    Measured tire sizes are 34.4" and 30.1" and we've specifically been told the Squatch has 1" lift. Rear diff is a common measuring point because it's typically larger and therefore lower, even on SFA. The point is there is no industry standard for advertised ground clearance, they can basically...
  3. What will factory tint be like?

    When I has in high school, a friend of mine had a legal aftermarket tint on his car and got pulled over and was given a ticket because the cop said it looked too dark. He went to court to fight the ticket with proof it was legal and the judge basically told him to pound salt and upheld the...
  4. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    Looks good. Lots of fun off road gadgetry. I'll wait for the half price sale.
  5. Ground clearance

    The added height from the tires between Base and Sasquatch is 2.2" yet the Sasquatch has 3.2" more than the Base, meaning they are definitely NOT measuring ground clearance from the rear differential. There actually is no industry standard for measuring ground clearance, they can say whatever...
  6. Out of touch or is it me?

    FWIW, people who have actually driven them really like them. MT is not beholden to the off road crowd, it's got an off-roady feel but still practical and comfortable. $80k is pretty loaded, once there are a bunch sitting on lots I imagine you'll see a lot in the $55k-65k range. Unless...
  7. Who actually took off Friday for B&P? I Did...

    Make sure you pick up a case of Natty Light so when B&P doesn't go live you can at least get day-drunk and it won't be a complete waste of vacation time.
  8. Optional " High Clearance Suspension "

    The Sasquatch has about a 1" lift over most models, about a half inch on the Badlands. There's not going to be a standalone "high clearance suspension" option. Squatch features are mixed in with others on the model pages, take everything on the website with a grain of salt.
  9. Sasquatch, to do or not to do? That is the question!

    Maybe have a little awareness when you drag up posts from 2 months ago.....
  10. sasquatch on badlands really worth it?

    Preload does not add to the effective weight on the spring at load, it just makes sure the spring is never fully uncompressed. In other words, if your vehicle is 4,000lb, the suspension is seeing 4,000lb of pressure whether the preload is 1" or 3". The diagram is as if the vehicle is already...
  11. sasquatch on badlands really worth it?

    The spring is the same height. As long as you're not overextending the shocks, travel should not be effected. Adjustable coilovers have recommended ranges, if you want to go higher, changing the whole setup (stiffer springs and longer travel shocks) is best.
  12. sasquatch on badlands really worth it?

    You don't need taller or stiffer springs to increase ride height with coilovers, you just need to adjust the pre-load. Reference: Every adjustable coilover on the market. The purpose of stiffer springs is at least partially to reduce body roll created by raising the vehicle's CG. EDITED to Add...
  13. Wouldn't it make more sense that the BL got the Squatch?

    No, they're not going to move more freely. The movement of the tires is only affected by the suspension travel. 10mm less is the size of a pebble. Meanwhile, the 35s are giving you a much larger contact patch to go along with the added height.
  14. Wouldn't it make more sense that the BL got the Squatch?

    Squatch also has extra lift compared to Badlands, it's 1.4" total according to the spec sheet.
  15. Wouldn't it make more sense that the BL got the Squatch?

    There's no way in hell 10mm of articulation is more beneficial than 1.4" of extra clearance and bigger tires.
  16. BILSTEIN ESCV Bronco suspension / shocks explained - "End Stop Control Valve" Dampers (Bronco HOSS Suspension w/ Position Sensitive Dampers)

    They will probably be a touch stiffer to reduce body roll due to the added height, but it might not even be noticeable. Because they are position sensitive, they could valve them so the "middle" range - where the shock will operate in normal driving - will have similar compliance to any other...
  17. BILSTEIN ESCV Bronco suspension / shocks explained - "End Stop Control Valve" Dampers (Bronco HOSS Suspension w/ Position Sensitive Dampers)

    I asked Bilstein about rebuild intervals with the 8112s with light off roading and they said 60-80k miles, and specifically said, "they will last about as long as traditional shocks (between rebuilds)." These are not the same but I think it's safe to say these are designed and built to last...
  18. Plastic VS. Steel Rear bumper

    To be fair, the damage on those cars is more about short car vs tall SUV than steel vs plastic.
  19. Was I Wrong All Along???

    It's still listed on the "compare" spec sheet.