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  1. Video demonstration of rear seats folded down flat in 2 Door Bronco (from Bronco Super Celebration)

    Finally answered....pretty much like I thought....they used the method on the 1st Gen Ford Escapes! :) I would bet the seats can be reclined a bit as well...the Escape seats do. Personally I think you lose side space then with the Element’s solution, unless you remove them like in the last...
  2. 2021 Ford Bronco Makes NYC Debut at NYSE (Aug 17) - Pics, Video, Q&A

    Maybe like my old Escape (needs vacuuming)
  3. 2021 Bronco First Ride Media Reviews Compilation (Articles/Videos)!

    RAV4 for me....need a replacement vehicle now....How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my Bronco sport with your virus delays.
  4. Granger Ford – Trade in Guide

    If anyone has an opinion....we need a stop-gap vehicle. Won’t be able to wait on the Bronco’s release. A lease term is 3 years, a few at 2 years. Buying in after a year, huge depreciation hit. Do I buy used and then off load the vehicle when the Bronco is in Showrooms? The...
  5. Retro Bronco Graphics & Slant Back Top Renderings

    I hate the “slant top.” What is the purpose of it? It is a common design theme, but the bottom of the vehicle is already that length...why shank the interior out of storage space? Does it improve the aerodynamics and the laminar flow departure ?
  6. new and excited to go BRONCO

    Living in California and suddenly worried about taxes? Lol Prius to a Bronco is a big leap! You will have fun. There are thousands of threads on your questions, but we can’t answer some of your personal taste questions... Start reading :-)
  7. Bronco's Dramatic Entrance & Close Looks at Accessories on Concepts @ Ride Event

    Finally a good picture of the cargo area of the 4 door...yep....the red one looks no bigger Inside than my 2001 Escape. (More capable off-road obviously though....) ”I love the idea of the accessory bag concept on the swing gate...”. Yeah....I think that is silly....but different opinions...
  8. Bronco Ride Experience Photos/Videos; Off-Roadeo First Location and Baja Race Plans Announced

    Where is there to “off-road” in Illinois north of Champaign? :unsure:
  9. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    Bronco Four-Door Mall Crawler Guide Concept Purpose-built to support boomers who want capability but will never go off road unless there is a break down of society or aliens attack. BUILD SPECIFICATIONS • triple insulated hard top • Ford Performance wet bar • All-weather floor mats • Splash...
  10. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    Does it carry more than the Bronco Sport though? The interior/cargo dimensions listed are almost identical.
  11. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    The new plug-in need a long extension cord. :) Heck with the badlands, outer banks, location is the mall... when will the “mall” trim come out with increased insulation, more cup holders, etc...I’m serious. Does Yeep offer any refinement packages.....what is one...
  12. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    I would buy the “mallcrawler” trim if they offered it, hopefully with real rear vents, and a spare off the tailgate (under the car) option....ha!
  13. Video: The 3 test Broncos have moved on from Rubicon to Moab!

    I like the Bronco and I think Ford did a great job....but I’m the boomer that parks at the end of the parking lot avoiding a door ding, so I don’t think I would be rock climbing inches from a That being said, I enjoy learning about the lifestyle and tracking the test Broncos out...
  14. For those of you with families / kids, is it big enough?

    After realizing the Bronco might not be the right fit for me in the flat Midwest...I looked Explorer, and now the’ll be those three to choose from when the Bronco actually hits the showrooms.
  15. Ford confirms folded rear seats will have slight incline and 4" step up from cargo floor

    Never having had a swing gate....will the pneumatic locking bar be strong enough to keep the door at 90deg. open if you are hauling something longer than the bed? It seems like there would be a good side load if one were to turn or brake aggressively.
  16. What’s everyone’s take on the Bronco Sport

    I am waiting until I can physically see and climb in a Bronco, and a Bronco sport.....see which one is bigger on the inside, then compare them with Explorer :-/ Personally I wouldn't order anything sight unseen.
  17. What’s everyone’s take on the Bronco Sport

    “My first reaction was....... why?” haha! That was my first reaction when this....became ....that!
  18. What’s everyone’s take on the Bronco Sport

    Personally, my man-hood is not dependent upon ground clearance, or engine displacement. My kids don’t play soccer, and I’m not a “mom.” Lol IMO Ford realized they screwed up the Escape by making it less and less truck-like. As Doug Demuro said, Ford probably emasculated the Escape even more...
  19. What’s everyone’s take on the Bronco Sport

    To me, the Sport is a 2001-2010 Escape. I was hoping it would be a bit bigger, but now I wonder if I will have to move up to the Explorer (never been excited about the Explorer :-( If the size is good for someone, the Bronco sport looks great. I don’t need a 3rd seat but a little more space...
  20. What's Up With The Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner Option?

    I want the Bronco styling with the comforts of the Explorer. :-( I don’t want it loud going to the mall! Lol The right tool for the job, and as much as I like the Bronco....I might have to go explorer. Oh well, it is a first world problem, unlike not having running water. Ha!