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  1. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    If I did that it would get stuck like a candy bar in the old machines.Then the next guy would get 2 Broncos...😛
  2. Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    Looks like Tonka yellow to me, not a bad color for a Bronco.
  3. 2021 Ford Bronco Will Offer Three Grille Options

    A Mustang grill emblem would look good. You could 3d print anything to go in there.
  4. Ford Performance Offering a Tune for the 2.3 Ranger

    I'd like to see something that is Connecticut Emission legal (some K&N air intakes aren't street legal in this crazy state) that boosts torque in the 1000 -3000 range.. the 2.3 has plenty of power above 3000, it needs some torque below it.
  5. What will you first do after delivery?

    I'm the opposite, I'm going fishing and getting the first scratch out of the way, get wheel wells and interior muddy.
  6. Striping & Decal Packages you'd like offered

    Decals? I wonder how the 79 Sunburst decal would look on the new Bronco? of course someone will do a Realtree® camo wrap and seat covers if not the whole interior.Boss 302 hood and stripe would be cool swap out 302 for Bronco and it would be a Boss Bronco.
  7. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    or if it gets stolen, it will drive directly to the police station,after locking the thief inside of course.
  8. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    A light color would be a good option, the seats (and anything else) will get hot enough to burn you with the top off if they are a dark color.
  9. Bronco Camping Accessories

    and they flap real bad on the highway...:p Lockable gun storage would be nice.
  10. What will your Bronco be towing?

    A pair of dirt bikes or snowmobiles, small utility trailer. 1500lbs load and trailer
  11. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    Add me to the list, frankly I'm surprised they didn't make the 3.3 the base engine.
  12. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    Price shouldn't be more than a similar equipped Jeep. Has to have a manual transmission, colors are worrying me, has to have a place for a winch and second battery The interior needs to be weather proof , rubber mat no carpet No 2 door Not seeing it and it not being available, my old 150...
  13. Ford targets April 14 to resume US production

    Only good thing about the virus is there is a lot less traffic during my commute.Was hoping to see the Bronco soon. They opened fishing season early this year and really could use it.
  14. The Bronco information drip feed

    I don't care what anyone says they were cool for the time, I used to ride around in one.
  15. will the bronco be cancelled altogether?

    Wouldn't be wise to kill off a halo car, the Mustang is the foundation the Shelbys are built on. Ford would look as though they abandoned performance. There is no need for Ford to kill off anything, they are having problems, but can work through it.
  16. will the bronco be cancelled altogether?

    If I were buying a luxury car it would be loaded with all that stuff, what bothers me is having the interior get soaked every time it rains when the top is off, covered in mud etc. It happens.
  17. States more interested in the 2021 Bronco over Jeep and other competitors

    They might be talking a lot about Rovers, but there are more Wranglers than Rovers by a large margin in CT There are only 4 Rover dealers in CT. A dozen within 20 miles.
  18. will the bronco be cancelled altogether?

    Yes Ford is in big trouble. Wouldn't surprise me if they cut something. They idled their plants and the company is suspending its dividend and it will borrow the total unused amounts against two lines of credit.
  19. Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    You missed the joke, May 5 is Cinco de mayo, everyone drinks Corona on that day. But I agree one day is enough.
  20. Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    They should reschedule for May 5.