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  1. ExJPR?

    Which grille option will you go for?

    Until I see her topless and doorless, no way to guess. If we have a choice then I will need to see pics of all 3 to decide.
  2. ExJPR?

    Vanity plates anyone?

    (Searched the word "plate" but did not find a thread) I do like vanity plates and will have one on the Bronco if I am fortunately enough to buy one (presuming I do in fact love what I see). Anyone else already looking for suitable tags? I have about 20 so far in my brainstorming phase. I have...
  3. ExJPR?

    Sign Up for Updates (Ford)???

    Thought I had signed up but nary an email. When I just re-signed, it gave me a choice of vehicles and Bronco was listed under future vehicles. So:
  4. ExJPR?

    Is having a spare tire on the back rear door simply a styling trend?

    I personally prefer a flat back end. Here in IA, I am able to legally remove the back bumper, center brake light and spare. Moved from PA where I could not do so,
  5. ExJPR?

    What the heck-These darn Haikus pop into my head unbidden. (Bronco poetry thread?!)

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. A pre-Release Haiku as I wait. (maybe a bad pun thrown in for fun) Ford instead of Jeep? Trying to "Hold the horses"! Weighing pros and cons.
  6. ExJPR?

    Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    This looks like the color of my long deceased 2000 "solar yellow" TJ. Unfortunately as you know pictures can be so deceiving when it come to actual color seen in person because of the many variables. We shall see. (pic is not my jeep)
  7. ExJPR?

    2021 Ford Bronco Will Offer Three Grille Options

    FROM Ford Authority: (If I missed this in a prior post, please delete) The first 2021 Ford Bronco grille will be the “Modern” design, which constitutes the regular grille. It is the black grille that appears in the leaked photos from earlier this year. The second grille option will be the...
  8. ExJPR?

    What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    As a long time JP owner, mods were always a fun part of owning the vehicle. Making it unique to my needs. By the sound of it Ford will be offering MANY options to customize. I also highly suspect that the aftermarket will quickly jump on the band wagon with offerings. So not much will make be...
  9. ExJPR?

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    If I am understanding your question-You want to know how rear window opens above tailgate? Open tailgate …..Lift window. If I am misunderstanding, I apologize.
  10. ExJPR?

    Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    Referencing what was said before about an online reveal: Here is an example of a Facebook ONLY show which has (as per their page) 2.4 MILLION followers (Mike Rowe-Returning The Favor). I suspect Ford will ALSO do Digital but sooo many (OLDER ?) execs have a hard time embracing newer technology...
  11. ExJPR?

    New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    If not allowed, please delete with my apologies. The following link is billed as "Every time we have seen the 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport" from Car and Driver. Thought it might interest some as we are at a semi-stand still...
  12. ExJPR?

    Did Ford poll JP owners as part of market research? 21 year JP owner's wish list.

    Last night I started my lists of "must haves", "OK either way" and "do not wants". You see, I am a "serial researcher" when it comes to big purchases and obviously this qualifies. Basically making this post as an aid for myself as time gets closer to making a decision. Also figured other JPR's...
  13. ExJPR?

    Soft top vs hardtop vs ???

    On a related note: They better do a fantastic job of weather-proofing the interior. Granted it was easy to waterproof my JP BUT: - The carpet no longer exists because removed in 2011 - Had to buy (wet okole) waterproof seat covers...twice - Twice I lost radio power (in 20 yrs - 2 jeeps) due to...
  14. ExJPR?

    Bronco Web Page

    Just signed up. Thx. I am a in-depth researcher before I make big purchases. This forum will help tremendously!!!
  15. ExJPR?

    Soft top vs hardtop vs ???

    Hardtop here. Once mine comes off in April it stays stored 'till Halloween!
  16. ExJPR?

    New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    OK, so lets talk about that ladder. I found this stat about ladder rung distances: " What is standard ladder rung spacing? Furthermore, the standards indicate that the rungs on all ladders must be parallel, uniformly spaced, and level. The spacing between each rung is to be between 10 and 14...
  17. ExJPR?

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Removed the rear seat as soon as I got mine home. Voila! More space for camping gear. Hopefully this 2 door will have same ability. Once I see both topless I can make a more informed decision.
  18. ExJPR?

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    So many replies coming so fast but I did not see this one yet: Topless pics are a must. I run 7 months topless so a very important factor. I know we will have to wait for Ford though...
  19. ExJPR?

    Bronco roof aftermarket?

    No interest in a soft top at all UNLESS it is somehow automated and stores hidden within. I run topless from April 1 to Halloween and doorless from May 1st through same. I did buy a spyderwebshade mesh bikini style top one year and used it...but only for that summer. There is something...