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  1. Are You Ready For The Bronco? Forbidden Fruit 🍑

    These are just fan-renders. I can tell because they aren't painted gray.
  2. Which grille option will you go for?

    There are so many "ifs" here. My choice is likely the Classic. I don't want any lettering to glow / be lit up. I likely would lean away from having any lettering on the grille. But without seeing them clearly, it is hard to say for sure.
  3. New Pics - 2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door Drops Heavy Camo

    Even if this is just close (as opposed to precise), the cabin space in the bronco would be larger. That would be great news.
  4. Production 2021 Bronco spotted under cover in factory

    In the pic beside the ranger, the Bronco is taller, mainly due to a more upright windshield. With-wise, I think they are the same. The tapered front end and sloped hood of the ranger makes it appear smaller.
  5. just maybe..... closest 2 door Bronco render yet?

    I think these renders look exciting. I can't wait for official pics. I will say the hood looks more slanted than the leak-pictures, which I am glad about. I want a hood that is much flatter. I think I'm gonna swap my desktop image...
  6. Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    Bronco looks to be the equivalent of "Jeep" with the second name being the type of Bronco. I am not too thrilled with the idea but it is new and therefore we should fear it. The Bronco Sport is for an audience that I am not a part of. I am definitely in the market for the "big" Bronco...
  7. Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    Yep. A big part of why I don't want them. The other half being the reasons I mentioned. There was an interesting Donut video on YouTube about the colors of cars. I don't know how accurate it is and I'm not interested in researching myself. Don't get me wrong, I get why car makers use those...
  8. Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    In a perfect world, aw heck, in a better world 3 of those grays would be replaced by yellow, green and a blue. Then we'd have a greater choice. Honestly, price and features will rule but hopefully can find what I want that isn't white (looks like a work-vehicle), black (always looks dirty and...
  9. Cyber Orange Pearl Color Likely Revealed in Bronco Sport Sighting

    Sure beats gray, or grey-gray, or space gray, or electric gray, or whatever other shade of gray the rest of the other choices are...
  10. What's Your Price Cap?

    Here is my plan: I'm getting out of a $32,000 F-150 (2011) when I shop for a Bronco. I am looking at the 2-door model because my kids are older (16 & 18) and to me a Bronco is a 2-Door vehicle (just like a Jeep is a two-door vehicle, too). Top of the line? Not interested in a "Raptor" (I...
  11. Quarantine Reveal 🤷‍♂️

    I'm eager to see more and a non-cgi 2 door version - not just a small corner of one. Like others, I buy a new car about every 8-10 years. I had an Isuzu Rodeo I bought in 1996 and sold it in 2004. I had a Nissan Frontier - 2006 to 2018 (wife traded it in for a Fusion). I currently drive a...