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  1. Are You Ready For The Bronco? Forbidden Fruit 🍑

    Enough. I wish the administrator would just text me when the Bronco is about to be revealed so I don't have to keep wasting my time checking this forum, only to see garbage threads like these and bbq pizza.
  2. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    OR MAYBE (most likely) - there is no glass behind that triangle so that the window can roll down all the way without interfering with the wheel well.
  3. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    I think the triangle serves to hide a small piece of glass when the window is rolled to its lowest position. I bet the glass pivots just a bit as it's rolled down because a straight roll would interfere with the wheel well. Just a guess. @indio22, the windows roll into the b-pillar seam, but...
  4. Ford Workers Shut Down the Line at Dearborn Truck Plant

    Bad news. Not only does this delay production of vehicles, but reliability will be a huge question with so many temp workers on the job
  5. Production 2021 Bronco spotted under cover in factory

    In March I had a dream they revealed it at a ski resort. They pulled off the tarp, I yelled “it’s the new Bronco” and everybody from inside the lodge ran to the stage. :oops:
  6. The Sketch Monkey redesigns 74 Bronco into new Bronco

    I've always been a fan of this guy. His Ford Taurus wagon modernization is my favorite. Kinda makes you wonder why it took Ford designers several iterations to get the Bronco design right when this guy makes it seem so effortless. But to be fair, I do realize it's much easier to come up with a...
  7. Spied: 2021 Bronco 4-Door Shows Off Its Roofline As It Drops Heavy Camo

    I used the quiet time during quarantine to come to terms with those hideous flares. I'm at peace - but I tell ya, the rest of the exterior better be on point
  8. just maybe..... closest 2 door Bronco render yet?

    Despite the grille looking glued on, these renders look great and might hold me over until next week. Was about to call a dealer and pull the trigger on something else.
  9. Base Bronco starting MSRP price

    I don't comprehend base prices. I like to know a fully loaded price, and then work backwards
  10. Ford Update: 2021 Bronco Will Have Its World Debut This Spring

    What are rules? What’s the general concept of this process?
  11. What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    -No plug in-hybrid -Availability gets pushed to late 2021 or later -Auto market collapses and cars are "affordable" again; in that case I can't pass up a good deal
  12. Bronco will not make public debut at Detroit Auto Show which has now been cancelled

    Maybe this will push up an "online full unveiling" sometime in late April/May if Detroit show was the Plan B reveal. I can't see Bronco debut being later than June.
  13. The Fender Situation....

    I thought that too, but it doesn't make sense. Just wishful thinking. Like someone said before, there appears to be 3 different flares, varying in depth. The steelie 2-door is thinnest, the lux trim 4 door a little wider, and the hood up soft top with the widest. Why go through the trouble...
  14. 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Folks, opening the trunk is not rocket science
  15. Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    I can't wait that long. While a new vehicle is the last thing we should be worried about now, I think I can speak for this forum: "****! What a disaster!" Silver lining, dealers are giving JLs away right now
  16. 2021 Bronco Reveal Event - Submit Your Questions [UPDATE: EVENT POSTPONED]

    When/If plug-in hybrid will be available.
  17. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    That would be super clever and would completely blow Heeps out of consideration for anyone in this market.
  18. Soft top vs hardtop vs ???

    hardtop is 7 piece modular. One person removal and probably can store in vehicle if doors are not in oven. No reason for soft top 👌
  19. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    Bronco looks just ok to me, but modular hardtop means Ford has my money!