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  1. dangerzone79

    More Preproduction Broncos Completed -- Area 51 Wildtrak, Race Red Badlands, Rapid Red Big Bend, Cyber Orange OBX, Oxford White OBX, Iconic Silver

    Here it is tilted to line up roof with rafters & all the straight lines on the back wall, I think it's straight. The yellow lines are def playing tricks on us. We're also closer to the back end.
  2. dangerzone79

    2 Door Bronco Badlands spotted on road in WV

    Badlands grille but with the low end headlights. So who knows what it actually is.
  3. dangerzone79

    KBB Irvine, CA - Bronco and Mach E sighted!

    Here's the original video from the news. It's funny, when they're talking about the kind of people who might wanna buy the Mach E the dude says "People who like Tesla but they really like American cars and want something different." What a nerd. Tesla, made right in CA where these people live...
  4. dangerzone79

    KBB Irvine, CA - Bronco and Mach E sighted!

    Anyone know if it’s back today?
  5. dangerzone79

    KBB Irvine, CA - Bronco and Mach E sighted!

    Gotta think it'll be there tomorrow or somewhere else in SoCal and you better bet I'll be there! Keep us updated forum folks!
  6. dangerzone79

    KBB Irvine, CA - Bronco and Mach E sighted!

    Standing by. I will drive there immediately if it's there.
  7. dangerzone79

    4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    As always, gonna need some dark green metallics, and maybe some bright greens please with BLACK roof! Nice work. Super cool.
  8. dangerzone79

    First 2021 Bronco Badlands 2-Door Trail Rig pics & videos from Bronco Super Celebration West!

    Bronco Nation answering questions on Instagram right now. You guys are gonna LOOOOOOVE this one.
  9. dangerzone79

    Wildtrak Bronco spotted (with Sasquatch Package standard)

    It's the front camera. Not sure there is a better spot it could go.
  10. dangerzone79

    New Video Interview With Ford at 2021 Bronco Event [by Andy’s All Access]

    There are at least 2 cyber orange 2dr's in this location. You can see both at the 1:55-1:57 mark when he's coming around and hopping in.
  11. dangerzone79

    Rapid Red - Official Thread

    I was sold on it actually until seeing it today. Looks good on person on a Raptor I was checking out, but maybe kinda dull on the Bronco? I'm having such a hard time with colors on this. Was all in AMB until it appeared so black, may be back to it though. If Carb Gray is how it looks on the...
  12. dangerzone79

    2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    Forest green metallic! Make it so.