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  1. SliderJack

    My thoughts (and details) from being at Bronco Super Cel East today

    I did, the 4 door material definitely has a sheen to it. Not necessarily a plastic feel, but definitely not leather. Maybe a little like lunch-lady-pants crossed with parachute pants of yesterdays. :)
  2. SliderJack

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    Antimatter has multi-color metal flake in bright light
  3. SliderJack

    Outer Banks in Rapid Red

    The one they show on the FE is the same
  4. SliderJack

    Outer Banks in Rapid Red

    I wasn't sure about rapid red being a good color for the Bronco, but this does look good. Not enough to sway me from Lightning or Velocity Blue though.. IMHO the bull bar on the front bumper is too tall. Aesthetically I dont like that it covers the Bronco in the grill. If I end up getting...
  5. SliderJack

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @Trueblue2296 Danville WV
  6. SliderJack

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    if you haven't reserved already, it's a good deal. And Albert from Granger is what I wish all dealers were like.
  7. SliderJack

    Tennessee Bronco Club

    @TNBronc4344, I'm likely doing the same. Will make the switch soon, just waiting for b&p.
  8. SliderJack

    Lightning Blue Announced Exclusively For Bronco First Edition!

    GET THE [email protected]#! OUT!!!! Holy Sh*t! Best news ever if this is true! I will be getting an FE after all!
  9. SliderJack

    Microsoft Xbox talk

    Microsoft Flight Simulator was recently re-released. It's available on the current x-box I believe.
  10. SliderJack

    Microsoft Xbox talk

    Well... I feel just a little bit better about Ford's website as I experienced the same BS trying to get an X-Box Series X pre ordered this morning. Although I was lucky getting an FE reservation, at this point I'd probably be happier getting the X-Box as it doesn't look like I'll be getting an...
  11. SliderJack

    Long Way Up

    I'd love to see this. Love Charlie and Ewan! My wife still convulses a bit when she hears the intro music from long-way-round from me watching it so much.
  12. SliderJack

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?
  13. SliderJack

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    At least one owner posted on JL FB group I watch. The following was from a quick search and a different vehicle.
  14. SliderJack

    Getrag Transmission: German or Chinese?

    JL has an MT recall causing fires. They stopped production of the MT model this past year until they could determine a fix...
  15. SliderJack

    2 Door - rear seats folded

    Brad Lovell? This guy is great. I love this video and his excitement. I think he convinced me I need the sway bar disco for my Starbucks runs. :) I'm still not sure why you wouldn't want to the rock rail attached to the frame, but he seams confident with it.
  16. SliderJack

    Microsoft Xbox talk

    s - no disc (all games bought online), slower, not 4k, less storage... The differences between the Xbox Series S and Series X are more substantial and are likely to have a big impact on how...
  17. SliderJack

    Aluminum lower control arm, should we be concerned?

    Yeah, I'd like to see the Rubicon rigs. But they also had the benefit of pro spotters. Regardless, its all academic. Something to chat about. It doesnt really matter.